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Orangers En Fleurs by Houbigant at the Connaught! Xx

Me and Elisabetta Perris of Houbigant

The Connaught Hotel just off Mount street 
was the location for the very glamorous 
Post Premiere dinner hosted by Editor-in-Chief
 of Harpers Bazaar UK Justine Picardie, 
Manolo Blahnik and Chanel the other night.
Check my Post:
We went there for the launch of one of the 
most exquisite perfumes we have come across 
Orangers En Fleurs by L'Houbigant

This new perfume is like burying your 

face in the most wonderful expensive
Bunch of freshly cut exotic white garden flowers, 

and taking that first heady smell.  
Houbigant has managed to capture the essence of 
that precise aroma and bottle it.

The fragrance indeed embodies the spirit and tradition of Houbigant, 
acquired over two centuries of perfume making.

True to the history of the company, Orangers en Fleurs 
is composed of only the finest raw materials with the 
highest level of purity.

A celebration of the Orange tree, Orangers en Fleurs 
pays homage to this symbol of eternal true love. 
A versatile fragrant source, the Orange Tree 
offers an abundance of scents, including the Orange Blossom, 
the oil from the peel of its fruit, Neroli from its flowers 
and the Petigrain and Eau de Brouts from its leaves. 

This sophisticated fragrance centres its appeal on the warmth 
of Orange Blossom. The heart of Turkish Rose and 
Egyptian Jasmine is highlighted by a subtle combination of Tuberose 
and Orange Leaf absolute. 
The accord is delicately balanced by the floral note of Ylang Ylang, 
slightly spiced with Nutmeg. 
The dry down is pure perfection in a blend 
of Cedarwood and sheer Musk.

Orangers en Fleurs is showcased in a modernised version 
of a classical crystal bottle from the beginning of the 
20th century that was originally designed and 
manufactured by Baccarat for Houbigant.

Top Notes: Orange Blossom, Rose, Jasmine

Heart Notes: Tuberose, Eau de Brouts,Ylang Ylang, Nutmeg

Base Notes: Cedarwood, Musk

The Beautiful Baccarat Crystal Bottle
for Orangers En Fleurs Perfume

The Guest Book signed by sparkle style
by a mini Orange Tree 
at the Connaught for the launch
of Orangers En Fleurs by L'Houbigant

The Orangers En Fleurs Eau de Parfum Bottle
nestled among Roses and Nutmeg

Mini Orange Muffins
The history of this esteemed Perfumier goes back a long way
and has a magical story.
Houbigant is the earliest French perfume house 
and considered to be the founder of French perfumery. 
It all began in Paris, 1775, when Jean-Francois Houbigant, 
hung a hand-painted sign of a flower basket over his little shop 
on rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. 
From the start his fragrances found favour with royalty 
and the nobility including Marie-Antoinette, 
Queen of France and wife of Louis XVI. 
The House of Houbigant became perfumer to the royal courts. 
In the Spring of 1815 Napoleon was only in Paris for three months, 
a period that history calls ‘The Hundred Days’. 
In those brief months Napoleon raised an army and
 yet still found time to shop at Houbigant 
– the bill of sales is framed at Houbigant. 
This basket of flowers, and their perfume found its way 
into the palaces of kings and has 
pervaded the fashionable world ever since.

In 1829, Houbigant was appointed perfumer to 
Her Royal Highness, the Princess Adelaide d’Orleans, 
mother of King Louis-Philippe. 
In 1838, the French house was awarded the license 
of ‘Perfumer to Her Majesty, Queen Victoria of England’. 
Czar Alexander III named Houbigant perfumer to 
the Imperial Court of Russia in 1890. 
Houbigant created a perfume, 
‘The Czarina’s Bouquet’, in honour of the Empress Maria.

Perfumer Paul Parquet became joint owner 
of the Houbigant business in 1880. 
It was under his direction that manufacturing 
and administration were moved to Neuilly-sur-Seine 
where facilities could be expanded; 
staffing was increased and laboratories were installed. 
Houbigant was preparing for a new age. 
During this period, Houbigant stretched out 
its commercial arms around the world. 
Under the direction of the Paris headquarters, 
offices were established throughout the world. 
They created a number of fabulous fragrances; 
many of which became famous, and like most 
great creations have endured the passing of time.

The Connaught where Houbigant launched their
 beautiful Orangers en Fleurs
£99 for 100ml Eau de Parfum.
Stockist is the Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie, Harrods 
or for selected perfumeries nationwide 01420 489 700

Until next time J Xx

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