Saturday, 15 September 2012

Marc Jacobs NYC SS13! Xx

Marc Jacobs always
produces a fresh show.
Like my Art Teacher always told me -
once you have finished a drawing you love 
you should be able to tear it up
and start again on a fresh piece of paper
 forgetting completely the
drawing you have just worked so hard on.

Marc always does that with shows - moves on,
changes and produces something completely new.

So this season it is Ultra Color and print control.
Black and White.  
Monochrome gave a sixties look with black eyeliner 
graphically drawn on the eyes
and ultra pointed shoes.
There was also beige and shades of blood red
in stripes and satin.
Ultra drop waist skirts worn with short tops,
jumpers and jackets giving the perfectly shaped midriff
pride of place for Summer 2013

Ruffles, stripes, checks, leopard and heavy makeup
the only adornment required -
absolutely no jewellery
for this simple, bold look.

We love, as Usual! Xx

 Mickey Mouse short jumper
a la Azealia Banks in her video for 212
(I want to know where that jumper is from!!)
with hipster black satin pleated skirt

Until next time J Xx

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