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Gwen Stefani on October Elle UK, Edited by the Interns! Xx

Gwen Stefani is on the Cover of October's UK Elle 2012
Photographer Matt Irwin
Fashion Editor Natalie Wansbrough Jones
additional styling Paula Bradley at the Magnet Agency
Hair Danilo for Pantene at the Wall Group
Make up Jo Strettell for L'Oreal Paris
Manicure Ashlie Johnson for Chanel at the Wall Group
Set Design Bill Doig
Seamstress Che Koslow

This month in Elle on page 91
Anne Marie-Curtis, Stacey Duguid and Avril Mair
talk about on making Modern Goth work for You

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 Elle is also 'edited by the Interns'
so look out for pieces throughout the

Page 92 interns tip:
the new ankle socks masterclass
by Espe de la Fuente
103 style spy: what people wear to work
109 workwear romantic blouses 
118 the beauty interns hot 5
127 the sheer shirt
161 baroque details
166 lace accents
and page 245 Insiders  Guide to Elle (by our Interns)
Gwen wears silk top Peter Pilotto, and silk tulle Skirt by McQ
and leather and snakeskin shoes Nicolas Kirkwood
Peter Pilotto AW12
McQ AW12
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Above: silk top and skirt Mary Katrantzou
Above Plexiglass and crystal- embellished cotton 
top and wool trousers both by Prada
Leather and snakeskin shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood.

Katie Mulloy talks to Gwen Stefani 
at Siren studios, West Hollywood
about No Doubt's 6th Album  
Push and Shove, the first in 11 years since
 they started in 1986.

As Gwen says 'For me when I first got into all the 
English Ska music that was like what defined me.
That's who I am.  If you are going to look at me, that's it'

Gwen is 42 years old, and still looks 28
Her bandmates in No Doubt are Tony Kanal, 
Tom Dumont and Adrian Young.

For nine Years nobody beyond the Californian ska scene 
knew who No Doubt were.
until their 1st hit Don't Speak

Gwen and Tony Kanal were an item then,
they split, and when No Doubt
supported Bush on a tour and Gwen met Gavin Rossdale.

Gavin and Gwen are celebrating 10 years of 
marriage on 14 September.
Her wedding dress was designed by 
the brilliant and much loved John Galliano
and is part of the collection of the
 Victoria and Albert Design Museum. 
The dress was white and blushed
 into a rich pink that dominated the hem of the dress. 
And the veil was made of antique lace.

They been together for 16 years and have two boys.

Kingston 6 and Zuma 4
Gwen talks about to Katie Mulloy about
 'being overwhelmed by the balancing and trying to do all of it'
'it's not possible and there are always days when somebody suffers'

'The only thing I worry about is, again - like, 
I keep bringing it up because it's my biggest stress
- how do I do this and that? How do I do both? 
So that's like the constant battle that I have every day.
 I do worry about that all the time.'

Gwen has worked with
Eve, Pharrell, Dr Dre, New Order 
and Akon
here in our Favourite The Sweet Escape:
Gwen has produced solo albums
including the track Hollaback Girl:

Her 1st fashion show was 12 years ago at Vivienne Westwood
and her favourite designers are 
Martin Margiela and Junya Watanabe.
She designed her own label L.A.M.B. and
Harajuku Lovers, the mainly accessories line.

'I think that when I go on stage, it's part of my ritual. 
In the 40 minutes I get ready, it's preparing me 
to transition into the hour and a half of sweat.
But, no, I don't know. It's not that deep,' 
she stage whispers. 'It's just make-up. It's just clothes. 
You can't really make more out of it that it is.'

Katie Mulloy says:
'If this album does anything, it reminds us that 
she precedes our Kardashian culture, in which fame
doesn't need to be the by-product of anything else. 
True talent is one of the most effective seducers'

Settle Down is out on 17 September
Push and Shove 24 September

Settle Down on YouTube:

In her application to be Intern Celebrity Editor,
 the Winner Sakaynah Hunter told Elle 
she wanted Gwen Stefani on the cover
Here she explains why:

'Muse and Icon, she's a sophisticated and self-assured woman,
 with real feminine allure.  
It's her persistence and drive that have seen Gwen 
earn many titles in the entertainment industry: 
singer, record producer, actress and fashion designer.
She also manages to be a great wife and mother 
- despite her heavy schedule.
Plus, if there's one thing ELLE readers love, it's fashion. 
Gwen has a quirky, intuitive style, and is unafraid to be different. 
 Her confidence just grows with age.
This October, after a break,she returns to the the music industry 
with No Doubt's album Push and Shove
Who better than ELLE to celebrate the remarkable return
 of the icon that is Gwen Stefani?
And is it just me, or are we all looking forward 
to having her unique style sensibility back on the scene?
I know I am.
Gwen will always be the one to watch."

Indeed! Sparkle Style thinks exactly the same.

Until next time  J Xx

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