Thursday, 20 September 2012

Green Carpet Challenge and American Express Presents 'The Green Cut'! Xx

Green Cut is a unique initiative from 
The Green Carpet Challenge® co-founders, 
Livia Firth and Lucy Siegle in collaboration with American Express. 
It celebrates the very best of fashion, film and sustainability. 
Bringing together the British Fashion Council (BFC) 
and the British Film Institute (BFI) for the first time, 
Green Cut pairs eight seminal fashion designers with 
eight iconic British films to raise awareness 
of a sustainable approach to fashion design.
The Cocktail party to celebrate the launch of the
 ‘Green Cut’ project was held at the home of London Fashion Week, 
Somerset House WC2.

L-R Stephen Jones (& Model wearing Stephen Jones hat), Model wearing Stella McCartney, Roksanda Ilincic (& Model wearing Roksanda Ilincic), Caroline Rush (CEO, British Fashion Council), Model in Tom Ford, Lisa Gregg (Vice President at American Express), Standing behind: Model in Marios Schwab, Marios Scwab, Sitting: Jonathan Saunders & Model in Jonathan Saunders, Antonio Berardi (& Model in Antonio Berardi), Livia Firth, Alice Temperley (& Model in Temperley).

Guests included Livia Firth, Colin Firth, 
Antonio Berardi, Jonathan Saunders, 
Alice Temperley, Marios Schwab, 
Tania Fares, Stephen Jones and Roksanda Ilincic,
and Harpers Bazaar's Editor-in-Chief Justine Picardie, 
who says,
 "It was a wonderfully inspiring evening, full of beautiful clothes.
 Livia has such a talent for bringing people together and
 The Red Shoes is one of my favourite films so
 I was pleased to be reminded of why I should watch it again."

Each designer has created a bespoke piece that 
offers a contemporary take on a classic film. 
All designers have followed sustainable 
criteria developed by The Green Carpet Challenge, 
Livia Firth's initiative to embed and raise 
the profile of sustainable principles in fashion design. 
The final pieces prove beyond doubt that ethics 
and glamour can co-exist. 

They were unveiled on the eve of London Fashion Week
 (LFW) at Somerset House and formed
part of The Exhibition at LFW.
It is the first time so many high profile designers 
have collaborated on a project of this 
nature creating a unique collection.

Celebrated fashion writer Sarah Mower
 lent her expertise, pairing each designer with an iconic British film.

Green Cut designer and film pairings:

·     Evergreen, Directed by Victor Saville (1934) 
- Re-interpreted by Antonio Berardi

·     Darling, Directed by John Schlesinger (1965) - Re-interpreted by Tom Ford

·     Its Love Again, Directed by Victor Saville (1936) - Re-interpreted by Roksanda Ilincic

·     My Fair Lady, Directed by George Cukor (1964) - Hat creation re-interpreted by Stephen Jones
·     Accident, Directed by Harold Pinter, (1967) - Re-interpreted by Stella McCartney
·     The Red Shoes, Directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, (1948) - Re-interpreted by Jonathan Saunders
·     Things to Come, Directed by William Cameron Menzies, (1936) - Re-interpreted by Marios Schwab
·     Velvet Goldmine, Directed by Todd Haynes, (1998) - Re-interpreted by Alice Temperley

Livia Firth is internationally recognised 
for her work championing a sustainable fashion industry, 
she says of the project: 
“I hope everyone will be thrilled by this extraordinary 
exhibition brought to you by The Green Carpet Challenge 
and American Express. 
It brings together fashion and film, 
all underpinned by design that is truly sustainable. 
Our eight designers each inspired by an iconic British film 
demonstrate perfectly that it is possible to use sustainable, 
eco-friendly fabrics and ethical manufacturing 
techniques and achieve stunning results. 
We are extremely grateful to’s Sarah Mower 
for her involvement in pairing each designer with their chosen film. 
I look forward to a continued relationship with the designers 
involved in the project and hope they will continue 
with me to inspire a sustainable future for fashion.”
Lisa Gregg, Vice President, Head of International 
Premium Products and Experiences at American 
Express comments: 

“American Express has a long standing history 
of supporting both the fashion and film industries 
through its affiliations with the likes of London 
and New York Fashion weeks and the Tribeca, 
London and Sundance Film festivals.  
Lisa continues: 
Green Cut project is a natural extension 
of our ongoing work with Green Carpet Challenge 
and further underscores our shared vision 
to continue to raise awareness of important 
sustainable issues among the influential fashion industry 
and beyond.  We are confident this 
project will continue to generate dialogue about sustainability 
– an important issue which requires our continued focus.”
As custodians of British film and co-collaborators 
on this unique project, Amanda Nevill, 
CEO of the BFI, was responsible for short listing

the eight British films which provided 
the creative stimulus for Green Cut.

Amanda comments: “Saving our planet is not an option – 
we all have a responsibility. 
The BFI champions the film industry 
in the UK and we are committed to 
working across the sector to promote sustainability. 
The UK is leading the way; 
there is even a British Standard specifically for 
sustainability in film – no other country in the world has that. 
We also look after the world’s greatest archive of film 
on behalf of everyone in the UK and future generations 
- this is sustainability in action 
and it is why we are so delighted to work with 
The Green Carpet Challenge and 
our long-term partners American Express to be 
involved with The Green Cut.”

The British Fashion Council officially supports
 this project hosting the collection for the duration 
of London Fashion Week, at its official home Somerset House. 

The project culminates in a showcase of 
the collection exclusively in 
Harrods 22nd October-5th November. 

Until next time J Xx

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