Saturday, 15 September 2012

Donna Karan NYC SS13! Xx

We loved Donna Karan's SS13 show.
She called it 'Sunrise, Sunset'
and it had a certain sensibility that we have never seen before.
It stood alone -  
from any of Donna Karan's previous shows - 
and from any of the other NYC shows this season.  
It was calm and peaceful,
yet it seemed to have an inner strength which was pleasing,
and comforting and really stood as a vision of modern dressing.

Papery and silky, the models appeared as thoroughly 
modern wood nymphs with neon eyes.
The fabrics appeared all naturally dyed fabrics
in muted yet amazingly interesting colours
pale mint, peppermint, every shade of periwinkle blue
and crushed raspberry,
golden apricot, saffron, nutmeg,
gold, indigo and violet.
There were empire line dresses
that reminded us of
Romeo Gigli in the 80s.

The fabrics fell gently around the body 
in various different soft textures,
jersey, chiffon, crumpled Japanese cottons and silks.
Delicately fringed and cut out
to abstractly look like petals.
 Yet all practical and perfect for the lives 
of the confident modern woman

 happy in her femininity.

Here are
Preraphaelite references, but toughened up.
This is the face of the modern female
don't mess with her - she may look 
fragile, but she is independent and strong.

This is Donna Karan's vision of 
the future and it looks good.

Until next time J Xx

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