Monday, 6 August 2012

My Birthday Party at Apartment 58, Jonny S Clarke & Vinni Reunov! Xx

So I had my Birthday dinner at Apartment 58
on Saturday night. 
It is the best place in town for drinks and dinner.
Their Dining Room is Amazing overlooking Poland Street,
and you can have drinks in the bar, with DJ into the nite.
Jonny S Clarke Entertained us with a mixture
of Country, Blues and 'Irish Banditry' 
i.e. Good Ol Thin Lizzy's 'Whisky in a Jar'
Peter Ogunsalu, me, Joshua Palmer-Ebanks 
Sarah Corvi and Polly Palmer

The Brilliant jonny s clarke and me

jonny s clarke singing johnny Cash's ring of fire
Check his Lemonrock page

jonny s clarke and me
sparklers from paperchase

jonny s clarke and luke boudour

 all of us at dinner at the amazing table in
the dining room
is a stunning piece of tree and is 
the work of the Brilliant Robert Pinnock
who has designed for 
Vivienne Westwood and A Child of the Jago
Check my Post:

the food from Ukai Sushi downstairs

me and Peter Ogunsalu from Number 9 films

 Above: Sparklers! Xx

the red velvet cake from hummingbird bakery
courtesy apartment 58

kir royale and red velvet cake

 Me and Joshua Palmer-Ebanks
 Me and Jonny S Clarke
Luke Boudour and Me 
 Sarah Corvi and Me
Peter Ogunsalu and Me
Me and photographer Karsten Dang

Thanks to Karsten Dang (right)  for the beautiful Photos! Xx
07748 692024

Above: In front of paintings by Vinni Reunov

above: Apartment 58 Logo 

above Karl wading thru Chanel face cream
details from painting by Ukrain Artist Vinni Reunov
recently auctioned at Philips de Pury
exhibited at Apartment 58

Until next time  J Xx

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