Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Louise Gray for Topshop & Ewa Wilczynski at the Mall Galleries! Xx

So here it is - Louise Gray's Collection for Topshop
Sparkle and Shine and throw everything together
that you thought just didn't go, 
and then put something else on top.  
Don't stop there - add jewellery, neon colour,
 glitter and ribbons in your hair.

Now for the make up.  
Louise has designed an exclusive collection especially
for Topshop including glitter nail varnish and fluoro eye-palettes. 
Make sure you start with your eyebrows.

This is bold bright, extraordinarily creative dressing,
so as they say - just do it! Xx

Check out Louise Gray's Make up Collection for Topshop

Check this link for how to get the Punk Rebel look 
with Make up Artist Hannah Murray

This is the brilliant Ewa Wilczynski rocking the Louise Gray look
at her Exhibition at the Mall Galleries

Ewa is standing by 
Blinking £550 Oil on Canvas

Above: Hymen £500 Oil and Wax on Board and
 A Vulnerable Dichotomy £500 Oil and Wax on Canvas.

Ewa's works were Selected by Charles Williams NEAC
Head of the New English Art Club Drawing School
Check his work on 

The NEAC was founded to provide a platform to 
show work too advance for contemporary tastes. 
In his catalogue essay for the exhibition 'Drawing the Line" 
in 1995 at the Hayward Gallery, 
Michael Craig Martin suggests that trying to honour the past 
by slavishly copying it does the reverse; 
and those artists who 'break the rules' 
give more respect to the past by their very questioning of it.
Wilcczynski's work was chosen because 
it seemed to reflect that courage.

Until next time J Xx

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