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Louis Vuitton & Yayoi Kusama on 5th Avenue NY and coming to Selfridges Wonder Rooms 24 August! Xx

So Yayoi Kusama's Collaboration with Louis Vuitton
is launching in London on Friday
in Selfridges Wonder Rooms from 24 Sept thru 19 October
and the windows promise to be spectacular! Xx

The 5th Avenue Louis Vuitton Store Launched the Collection 

on July 12th coinciding with her retrospective that 

opened at the Whitney Museum NY
on its last touring stop after Madrid, Paris and London.
Kusama was
persuaded to come to NY from her native Japan for opening 
of show at Whitney and launch of collection at 5th avenue store.
'New York is an Essential place for me it's where Kusama became Kusama'

'Nothing is more exciting than when we get an artist 

to play with our products' says

Yves Carcelle CEO of Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton supported Yayoi Kusama 

at the Tate Modern (9 February - 5 June 2012)

The Exhibition was organised by Tate Modern in association with the 
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid
The Centre Pompidou in Paris
and The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.
Yayoi Kusama's is 84 and arrived in NYC in 1957
living in Greenwich Village along with Andy Warhol.
 Since 1977 she has lived in her native Japan in 
a psychiatric hospital suffering from an
extreme anxiety disorder. 
Her pioneering work spans over six decades
and the exhibition highlights the artists moments of most
intense innovation.

Kusama and Louis Vuitton collaborated for the first time on several
artworks which were showcased in the Louis Vuitton Bond Street
Maison's dedicated Exhibition Space

Above: Yayoi Kusama and Yves Carcelle at Launch of
Kusama Vuitton Range at 5th Avenue Store in NY 12 July

Yayoi Kusama

The Windows at the 5th Avenue Louis Vuitton Store

Above the 5th Avenue Launch

The Fifth Avenue Store - Amazing! Xx

Below: Check these YouTube films on the Launch

Take a look at the clothes and Accessories in 
the Collection - We Love! Xx






Watch the video HERE

Above: the Yayoi Kusama's on Silhouette Celebrity X Cruises
Check my Post:

Louis Vuitton Celebrated the Launch of the Kusama Collaboration
in Selfridges Concept Store
5th September 2012,

Selfridges dedicated each of its legendary 

24 windows to Louis Vuitton and the artist.
 In honor of the collaboration, red and white 
spotted flags line the roof of the iconic department store 
and by night the building is illuminated in a bright white light. 
On entering the party, guests were greeted by an installation
 of 8 Kusama models dressed in matching white outfits, 
stood before a wall of 3ft balloons which floated above 
their red bobbed heads. 
On the decks was Radio 1 Breakfast show host,
 DJ, Nick Grimshaw accompanied by model and friend,
 Pixie Geldof who played guests 
a mixture of contemporary classics. 
The party was attended by London’s most glamorous faces 
from the fashion and art scene including Alannah Weston, 
Laura Bailey, Tallulah Harlech, 
Jade Parfitt, Jasmine Guinness, 
Valentine Fillol-Cordier, Daisy Lowe, Plum Sykes, 
Amber Le Bon, Portia Freeman, 
Alexandra Roach, Adwoa Aboah, Kesewa Aboah, 
Chris Dercon and Sonja Junkers, Polly Morgan 
and Mat Collishaw, Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset, 
Matthew Slotover and Emily King.
Guests were served a
 selection of delicately created 
Japanese inspired canap├ęs 
and sake by Cellar Society waiters, 
dressed in all-white and accessorised 
with “Love Forever” 
Kusama badges from Japan. 

Bip Ling and Kesewa Aboah
Gemma Chan 
 Ingar Dragset, Tom Meggle and Michael Elmgreen
Jade Parfitt 
 Jasmine Guinness
Joanne Froggart 
 Kim Hersov and Polly Morgan
 Laura Bailey
 Laura Bailey and Bay Garnett
 Nick Grimshaw
 Pixie Geldof
 Pixie Geldof and Amber Le Bon
 Portia Freeman and Tallulah Harlech
 Tallulah Harlech

Valentine Fillol Cordier

Until next time J Xx

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