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Diorskin Nude and Rouge Dior Nude! Xx

Diorskin Nude and Rouge Dior Nude

Natalie Portman is the obvious ideal Diorskin Nude woman. 
Her radiant skin and complexion are naturally 
fresh and perfect. 

Check this link You Tube link
where Yadim International Dior Makeup Designer
creates a perfect Dior Nude look

2005: For the Spring 2006 Show
flesh-tone gossamer and sandy 
chiffon illuminated the catwalk. 
The House of Dior had boldly created a collection 
based entirely on the bare essential: skin. 
This was a total first. 

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 The new nude logically moved backstage
 to make-up and Dior invented Diorskin Nude.
So in 2009, Dior launched an innovative Nude foundation.

In 2012, Dior inaugurates the “New Nude”, 
a brilliant step in the technology of blush and glow. 
The skin, like the 2005 collection, 
flushes with colour, brighter and more luminous than ever. 

The formulation of this foundation 
makes the skin look more radiant and real than ever.
The natural origin ingredients giving a 
an exclusive “Nude Glow” and luminosity
and truer colour and maximum hydration
to your complexion.

One of the ingredients is a new floral water with
the ideal balance of minerals (magnesium, copper, zinc) 
together with mallow and hibiscus which
work on the all important factors:
hydration, glow, elasticity
and a smooth, even complexion and skin tone.

Diorskin Nude is a light fluid that has a soft velvet finish
which blends to the skin. Available in 17 shades   £31.00

Nude Compact has micro pearliser and opalescent powder £37
that boost the natural glow of the complexion. 
The pad has spongy side for perfect 
foundation coverage or velvety side
for lighter glow.
This can be applied with one of the 
new powder brushes - see below.

 Nude Shimmer is a magical powder 
that features a subtle blend of fine 
pearlisers in a transparent base £32 

The Nude Foundations are always at their best when
applied with a brush and Dior has designed four new brushes
especially.  Two for liquid and two for powder.

Above: from L to R High Coverage Liquid Brush £36
 Light Coverage Liquid Brush £36
High Coverage Powder Brush £43
and Light Coverage Liquid Brush £43

The liquid brushes
- The light coverage brush. 
Its broad “langue-de-chat” form 
effortlessly deposits a super-fine film
 of foundation on the skin.

- The high coverage brush. 
A denser, bevelled brush for blending in 
a larger amount of foundation and obtaining more coverage. 
The finish is thoroughly natural and luminous.

The powder brushes
Adapted for both compact and loose powder foundations, 
they are made of high-end natural hair.
- The light coverage brush is round and supple, 
its layered, frayed fibres dust the powder lightly 
onto the face and offer a velvety,
 translucent, yet non-powdery finish.

- The high coverage brush.
This is a flat, thick brush so it can crush the pigments 
and polish the powder, 
and to achieve fuller coverage and a perfectly smooth,
 luminous finish.

Rouge Dior Nude

There are 10 new 
lipstick shades that perfectly 
match the Nude complexion. 

The lipsticks are not as a colour to tint lips but as a blush 
that illuminates their hue.

Above: Rouge Dior Nude in 169 Grège 263 Swan 459 Charnelle 319 Trench
618 Twill 418 Ingénue 553 Sillage
683 Esquisse 663 Guipure and 779 Illusion £25 each

 This new, concentrated Rouge Dior 
formula is boosted by active ingredients 
that moisturise, plump and redefine, 
enriched by the hydrating ingredients of Nude. 

Colours are split into two families: 
warm and cool, to either warm or 
freshen the skin tone, 
depending on the complexion and the foundation chosen. 

The look is completed with the 
new Dior Contour Lip Pencil in Nude £19.50

Four must-have shades;

Grège: The flagship colour of the New Look 
imagined by Christian Dior in 1947, 
the association of nude beige 
and luminous grey that is oh so very Dior.

Left Charnelle Right Grege

Proceeds from from169 Grege will benefit Natalie‘s charity of choice, 
theFree Children Association which empowers and inspire the world’s youth.

Swan: Inspired by the delicacy of a swan,
 a Dior symbol of elegance and purity:
 here revealed in a fresh, pure pink petal shade.
Charnelle: A coral-tinted rose, 
the fusion of disarming charm and 
absolute elegance as imagined by Monsieur Dior.

Trench: The flagship model on Dior runways, 
revisited in hues of Rosewood spiced 
with a touch of beige: captivating elegance.

Above: Rouge Dior Nude in Swan and 
Dior Vernis in Dune

Dior Vernis
These are the four nail shades    £18.00 each
2 ‘warm’ shades for golden-beige skins, 
and 2 ‘cool’ shades for pink-beige skins.

115 Charnelle
223 Trench
413 Grège

715 Dune

Photographed at the Hard Rock Cafe Venice
Dior "Mise En Dior" Necklace, with Pearl Beads 
and White Resin Caps, 
Hand Embroidered Ribbon in White and Fuchsia £1800

Diorskin Nude and Rouge Dior Nude is Available
Exclusively at Selfridges fro 31st August
Nationwide from 14th September 2012

Until next time J Xx

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