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Dior Fall Look: Golden Jungle! Xx

Sparkle Style are loving the Dior Fall Look 'Golden Jungle'
available now exclusively in Selfridges and
nationwide from 10th August! Xx

And Dior created the Golden Jungle woman...
In February 1947, in the Christian Dior
 reception rooms on the Avenue Montaigne,
 Monsieur Christian Dior presented his first 
collection to the international press. 
Along with the Huit and Corolle lines that would 
inaugurate the era of the New Look, 
the couturier revealed another of his favourite themes:
 leopard print. 
Fashion editors were smitten, 
the room burst into applause and women
 rediscovered the pleasure of being seduced by fashion.

Avant-garde, sophisticated and sensual, 
the jungle motif has been one of the trademark 
signatures of the House of Dior from its debut. 
Actress Marlene Dietrich

 and the muse and friend of Monsieur Dior, Mitzah Bricard,

Above Mitzah Bricard in her trademark leopard.
were its first fervent ambassadresses. 
With each decade and runway show, 
variations of leopard print, 
in dots or all-over patterns, 
continue to be cleverly reinterpreted by Dior Couture.

“WEAR GOLD to BE ADORED,” wrote Charles Baudelaire.
 Gold is another signature of Dior.

It is timeless, caught between modesty and excess,
 sophistication and rebellion... 
Gold has always transformed the Dior 
woman into a goddess, 
enhancing her figure and adding light to her face.
In his Dior Autumn/Winter 2012 makeup collection,
 Tyen revamps this jungle motif with a passionate touch: 
infused with gold, this ultra-chic 
animal print becomes even more sophisticated. 
Incredibly feline and a tad wild, 
the Golden Jungle look embodies the 
luxury of the urban jungle, pushed to the extreme. 
A glamorous sign, a Dior manifesto:
 this winter, embody the Golden Jungle.


001 Golden Khakis 002 Golden Browns £52
Golden Jungle Palette (Limited Edition)

In its precious case, the Golden Jungle Palette 
captures the essence of the modern jungle. 
The trio of matte, pearly and iridescent eyeshadows,
 in a leopard motif, sculpt and enlighten the eyes.


from left 551 Ivory Glow 651 Nude Glow £34

3 Couleurs comes in a new version to 
create trend-led eyes with a naturally graphic glow, 
as seen during the last runway shows. 
The sliding case of 3 Couleurs Glow opens 
to reveal the ultimate fashion ensemble:
 two new harmonies of eyeshadow, 
highlighter and liner to make the eyes 
sparkle with a wet glimmer, 
and trace them with a 50s-style line. 
The eyes take on a wild and incredibly fashionable look.

The compact for 3 Couleurs Glow (above in 651 Nude Glow)
 is amazing. It slides open seamlessly,
revealing a crystal clear pop up mirror with
the eyeshadow, highlighter, liner and applicators.


5 Couleurs Designer
308 Khaki Design £40

Textured khaki tones structure the eyes with
 the new 5 Couleurs Designer. 
Four shimmer and matte textures combine 
with a deep brown liner to sculpt and define.

Above: Dior Addict Lipstick £24

852 Fatale
 646 Wild (Limited Edition) 
816 Instinct (Limited Edition)
 962 Daring (Limited Edition)


An incredible wardrobe of lip shades 
completes the Golden Jungle look.
With Dior Addict Lipstick, the smile is lit 
with addictive shine in rosewood, copper brown, 
flamboyant red or deep burgundy shades. 

Above: The Fabulous Dior Addict Lipsticks in642 Wild and 962 Daring

For a more delicious and plumped-up effect, 
add a thin layer of Lip Maximizer (below)

See my Post in Dior's International Pro Team at Selfridges
BLUSH £34.00

Two Diorblush harmonies emphasize the 
structure of the face. 
In Sugar and Spice or Sunkissed Cinnamon, 
the skin is subtly warmed. 
Cheekbones stand 
out and light glows on the skin, 
all set to the theme of extreme femininity.

Dior Vernis (Limited Editions) 

001 Golden Jungle Nail Art Duo £24 605 Amazonia 615 Bengale £18

Golden Jungle down to the fingertips...
The must-have of the season, as hyped as a logo clutch... 
Dior introduces a brand-new manicure combining 
a gold base and a khaki topcoat. 
Layered together, they become one 
to create an incredible crocodile effect. 
The ultimate Golden Jungle touch: 
unforgettable and oh-so desirable.

Two ‘it’ polishes by Dior become new style 
statements and the ultimate accessories: 
the exquisite elegance and mystery of 
earthy brown and the unconventionality 
of khaki green – two impeccable creations
 for the same modern interpretation of chic style.

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