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Chanel Coco Noir! Xx

Do we ever know where a fragrance might lead us?
Regardless of the intended destination, 
the journey is filled with unexpected surprises 
and the arrival is sometimes even more beautiful than we had imagined.

A fragrance’s birth is an act of pure creation 
and unique intuition that cannot be retraced, only felt.
What remains is the lineage. 
This passage of time that enters the 
most unexpected olfactory compositions
 into the history of perfume and renders them intelligible.

Coco Noir is the fruit of this implacable 
mystery that makes great fragrances and 
the ties that give them meaning. 
It has all the freshness and power of new creations, 
the furious taste of freedom and yet it has something of a continuity.
That is the way Jacques Polge wanted it; 
he believes that a fragrance, as individual as it may be, 
“can only exist because of those that came before it.”

In 1984 there was coco,
that sumptuous blend of wood, 
resins, flowers, spices and fruit.

2001 coco mademoiselle light fragrance

And today there is Coco Noir, a great nocturnal Baroque. 
Another journey in the wake of a Gabrielle 
who fully embraced the dazzle of black and Venice, 
incorporating them not only into her creations but into her life.

Jacques Polge has created Coco Noir.

The top notes have the spicy freshness of 
Tiepolo* pink peppercorns and grapefruit .
The heart is of jasmine, 
rose and narcissus.

The Base is dry Cedar and rose geranium leaf, 
cultivated in Grasse.

*Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (1696-1770). 

A prolific artist for the European courts, this Italian 
rococo painter and engraver remains best known 
for the large fresco cycles he created in Venice and his region. 
His name was given to a particularly bright shade of pink.
Apollo and Daphne (c1743-44) by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. Bridgeman Art Library

By its complexity and elegance, 
Coco Noir celebrates this change in notion of femininity
with these ingredients: 
Grapefruit note, Calabrian Bergamot Essence and 
Absolute of Rose, Absolute of Jasmine, 
Narcissus Note, Rose, Geranium Leaf,
 Brazilian and Venezuelan Tonka Bean,
 Indonesian Patchouli, New Caledonian Sandalwood 
Bourbon, Vanilla, White Musk and Frankincense

 The Coco Noir bottle is like a Venetian palace
a Luxurious Dark Place hiding a sensual and tumultuous
secret within.

In Venice, city of memories and promise, 
Gabrielle Chanel experienced a renewal. 
She had travelled there to mourn the only man she ever loved,
Boy Capel. 

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Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel in Venice

She realized that she didn’t like fussy dresses, 
and she wasn’t going to fuss about when 
it came to matters of the heart. 
She drew strength from her discovery of the city 
and all of the wonders it had to offer. 

                                            She contrasted her simple, sober style 
with the riot of colour and gold,
 and the purity of her lines with the baroque arabesques. 
The Venetian night simply confirmed what she already knew: 
for the moon and stars to be beautiful, they had to be absorbed 
and transformed by the water and the sky.
For a woman to be seductive, 
she had to be both mysterious and light hearted. 
She thus refined her remarkable equation of black and bright, 
of profusion and restraint. 

   From this journey to the almost-Orient,
 she retained the refinement of Byzantine art, 
the sense of grandeur and the certainty 
that you can renounce anything, except yourself.
Coco Noir is the magnificent evocation of that woman 
in that city and all those women today who choose 
intensity over the bland norm; 
the detours of seduction over perfunctory exhibitionism, 
and true luxury over vulgarity.

'why does everything I do become byzantine" 
coco chanel

                                  Gabrielle Chanel made the emblem of Venice, a lion, her own. 

Born on August 19th, under the 5th astrological sign of the zodiac, 
Leo, she had a superstitious belief in signs and numbers. 
The lion, a symbol of power and freedom, 
immediately became her talisman. 

Being a fellow Leo Sparkle Style has total empathy with
and adores the symbol of this Golden Lion with Wings

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both from the Chanel Summer Make up Collection

Me and my Dad by the Basilica di St Marco August 1969 
Basilica di St Marco July 2012

 St Marks Square with Winged Lion

The Rialto Bridge
 at the Chanel Store in Venice

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  1. Loved seeing the old picture, what a lucky childhood! Can't wait to get the mitts on the Noir! Went to Venice just last year, seriously surreal enough to be the stuff of dreams. X