Saturday, 28 July 2012

Whisky Mist 25 July - the Pictures! Xx

The Fabulous, the amazing Daniel Lismore and Me! Xx

So we had the best time at Whisky Mist - Wednesday night
thanks to Daniel Lismore and Jin Nilsson 
and ted who always adds to the party scene!

Me, Jin Nilsson Marketing Director of Whisky Mist
and Alan Grant Director of Apartment 58
Emma, Me, Leilah and ted! X

Check his new film opening on 1st August

and the official Red Band Version

Ted Dancing with Whisky Mist Girls

We had started the evening off at Apartment 58 
with champagne and Ukai Sushi

This is Phil Bingham and Leilah Ozaibi

Emma, me and Leilah at the Whisky Mist

the dom perignon arrives thanx to Phil Bingham

Phil 'Dom Perignon'Bingham

Sergio Cees and Me
Me and Leilah

Above the Whisky Mist Girls

Until  next time J Xx

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