Sunday, 15 July 2012

Tatty Devine Lavender Name Necklaces! Xx

So we went to the Amazing Tatty Devine for the Launch of their
Brand new Colour in their Name Necklaces which is the delicious
shade of Lavender, and they made Sparkle Style
our very own necklace in Glitter Purple with a Star Charm
which perfectly matched our logo!

The Tatty Devine Store 44 Monmouth Street Covent Garden WC2
Here is Lenny the machine that makes the Fabulous
Name Necklaces at Tatty Devine's Monmouth Street Store
in Covent Garden London

The name is typed into the computer with the typeface required 
and the right colour of perspex is put into Lenny

These are the Colours, Lettering and Charms you can choose from ...

Examples of the Beautiful Name Necklaces

You can have just one letter if you want ...

Once the Name is laser cut then the chain - either black, silver or gold
and the charm is attached and Voila - your necklace! Xx

Here is Lenny having done some Laser Cutting
The Colours, Necklaces, Charms and Earrings
Me in Sparkle Style Necklace in 
 Glitter Purple with Star Charm
Alex and her Necklace in Red with Heart Charm
Olivia from MLPR - her necklace is Gold

The Tatty Devine Store is a Treasure Trove - there is the Book
'How to Make Jewellery' which is Fantastic

The Eyelash Sunglasses 

Above Me and Olivia from MLPR wearing the Amazing
Tatty Devine Eyelash Sunglasses as worn by the Fabulous
Azaelia Banks and Rita Ora

Azaelia Banks
Rita Ora

Above: Tatty Devine Brightly Coloured Necklaces
and Skull Necklace

Cabinet with Dinosaur, Tiger, Bow Tie, Bunting, Crown Anchor, 
Glasses, Moustache, Shoes, Bird and Lobster Necklaces

Incredible White Flower, Leaf and Bird Necklace
 The Amazing Dinosaur and Lobster Necklaces

Tatty Devine gave us the best Goody Bag celebrating the new Parma Violet Colour
containing Teapig Lavender Tea, Penhaligons Lavender Candle, Parma Violets, Essie Violet Nail Varnish, Inika Violet Eyeshado, Dylon French Lavender Fabric Dye, House of Holland Lavender coloured Fishnet Anklets and of course a Tatty Devine Lavender coloured Laser Cut Heart shaped Ring
So Do as the Card Says visit
to win a name necklace!! Xx

Above: Our Tatty Devine Sparkle Style Necklace with Vintage
Philip Treacy Marilyn Bag

We LOVE our Tatty Devine Sparkle Style 
Name Necklace! Xx

Until next time!

J Xx


  1. These colorful name necklaces are a neat twist on the traditional silver and gold necklaces like those available at

  2. Colorful Name Necklace, that suits every skin tone of a women. Thanks for sharing.