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Rizzoli's Fendi Baguette! Xx

Silvia Venturini Fendi explains the history of her design 
of the Baguette Bag at the beginning 
of the Rizzoli book which
celebrates the 15th Anniversary

"I was asked, among other things, 
to come up with a particularly easy and functional handbag. 
In a certain sense, it had to be technological and minimal, 
just like the times.
 My response (fortunately I am indomitably disobedient) 
was the Baguette: the exact opposite of what 
had been requested of me. 
It was an unprecedented success; 
one of the most desired objects in the world.
Naturally I have received awards, gratification, 
and all sorts of satisfaction. 
But the most precious, the most intimate
reward—and, therefore, 
that which I truly consider my own
—is that I have given Fendi a solid, 
safe-conduct into the future: 
its extremely vital and horizon-expanding passage into LVMH.

Looking back on it my disobedience 
turned out to be a truly excellent idea."
Above: Silvia Venturini Fendi
Silvia dedicates the Book 
'To the tenacious foresight of my grandmother Adele Fendi, 
my mother, and her sisters... and to Bernard Arnault, 
who is carrying that vision into the future.'

baguette, n. (bəˈgɛt)

A long, thin loaf of French bread, of various sizes in different regions, but usu. smaller than a flûte.
– The Oxford English Dictionary, Second Edition

bag, n. (bæg)

A receptacle made of some flexible material closed 

in on all sides except at the top 
(where also it generally can be closed); 
a pouch, a small sack.
– The Oxford English Dictionary, Second Edition 

Above: Me in the Fendi Store, Venice with the Rizzoli Baguette Book

Above: Mario at the Fendi Store in Venice shows the Toucan Bag (below centre)
when it is opened up with it's beaded tail - incredible! Xx

above: the six limited edition baguette bags
They are Silvia Fendi's Favourite Styles 
which have been reissued
especially for the Fendi Baguette 15th Anniversary

In 1997, Silvia Venturini Fendi launched the so-called Fendi Baguette, 
revitalizing the Fendi brand and creating an enduring style icon 
that women the world over coveted and collected with a passion! 
The Baguette instantly became one of the 
most popular and most important accessories of the decade, 
and this gorgeously illustrated book celebrates the Baguette—
a story of craftsmanship, artisanship, connoisseurship, and design.

A deceptively small, simple handbag to be carried under the arm 
like the French loaf from which it takes its name,
 the Fendi Baguette has been produced in over 700 models. 
“The Baguette was conceived as an archetype,”
 Paola Antonelli, Design Curator at the 
Museum of Modern Art says in the book, 
“its distinctive and simple shape a canvas for hundreds of 
possible variations in materials and visual interpretations…” 

With 250 full color photos this catalogue raisonne features 
page after page of the astonishing range of Baguettes. 
Some are simple and understated while others feature 
unique or deluxe materials such as embroidery, 
sequins, beading, leather, fur, or crocodile skin.
 Some are embellished with precious stones, 
while others are wild, 
limited-edition works of art designed by 
artists such as Damien Hirst, 
Richard Prince, and Jeff Koons,
(see below) 
making the Fendi Baguette an iconic fashion 
“must-have” discreetly tucked under the arms 
of debutantes and red-carpet celebrities alike.  

For avid collectors, this book will be as essential 
as the beloved Baguette itself, and a must for anyone 
with an interest in fashion and this accessory phenomenon!

Above: Damien Hirst

Above: Richard Prince

Above: Jeff Koons

Sarah Jessica Parker
“We’ve always credited Fendi as the first to loan 
us an important piece for Sex and the City. 
In the very beginning, Patricia Field and her team 
had to be industrious and creative with a low budget 
by getting clothes from thrift stores in order 
to tell interesting fashion stories. 
At this time, things were inaccessible and out of reach; 
Fendi was really the first important design house to loan us items, 
with the Baguette handbag being the first. 
Having the Fendi Baguette was a very big deal, 
and the gateway to everything else. 
It really opened the floodgates and influenced the story line
—especially Carrie’s habit of spending more money 
on fashion than her home. 
The Baguette became a staple of 
Carrie’s wardrobe and character.
 Having Carrie wear the Baguette was a defining moment for us, 
The timing was perfect for the story we were telling 
and the character I was playing; 
the Baguette was the perfect embellishment. 
Once Fendi loaned us items, everyone was more 
willing to do so, which helped us dramatically 
in conveying Carrie’s decadence.”
and marked the beginning of 
"I have very sentimental feelings toward the Baguette.
My very first Baguette was olive-green satin, 
with beautiful floral 
beading, a red snakeskin strap, 
and a colorful interior lining. I used it for everything. 
In my opinion, it was the new black—
and it was surprisingly large.” 
“In addition to my first olive-green Baguette, 
which I purchased, I was also gifted a Baguette 
from the set—a beautiful, purple, square, sequined one. 
I recently archived both Baguettes to keep them 
in pristine condition. 
Now that I have two daughters, they can each have one.”

It wouldn’t suit me if it were even a smidgen bigger.
And if it were even a little smaller, it would double as an ornament.
We all find ourselves alone from time to time—in a party, in a car,
 in a restaurant, or walking down the street.
We may not know why we are alone, or even why we are here.
In times like this, this bag will stay close beside you like a puppy,
like a parrot perching on your shoulder, or like the doll you
were never without in your childhood.
Yes, it stays with you just like a best friend.
Banana Yoshimoto 

Take a look at some of the other amazing Baguette designs
which are in this Fabulous Book

Above: Kim Sung Jin

Above: Qing-Yang Xiao

Above: Chiho Kim

Above: Zinoo Park

Above: Andre

Above: Halim Alkarim

Above : Fann Wong

Above: Tom Sachs

Edited by Silvia Venturini Fendi

Hardcover / 15” x 12 3/8”

344 pages / 250 color photos
£70.00 ISBN: 978-0-8478-3640-6
Rizzoli New York     Release date: June 2012

About the Designer and Editor: Silvia Venturini Fendi 
represents the third generation of the family founder 
of the historical maison. She was given responsibility of leather goods 
accessories in 1994 and, with the creation of the Baguette, 
Spy, B Fendi, Peekaboo and Silvana, has been acknowledged as one of 
the most creative design talents of our times. More recently, 
Silvia Venturini Fendi has also been given creative direction 
of the Menswear and Kidswear lines. Since 2010, 
she also holds the Presidency of AltaRoma,
 an institutional tool to promote fashion in the city of Rome.

Contributions by Banana Yoshimoto, 
Paola Antonelli, Pearl Lam, Quirino Conti,
Sarah Jessica Parker, Sophie Fontanel, Dana Thomas,
 and Achille Bonito Oliva

Sophie Fontanel is a journalist and writer who lives and works in Paris. 
Dana Thomas is a fashion and culture journalist based in Paris.
Achille Bonito Oliva is a respected Italian art critic, professor and curator.

About the Contributors: Banana Yoshimoto is an award-winning 
Japanese writer whose works are translated and published 
in more than 20 countries. Paola Antonelli is a Senior Curator 
in the Department of Architecture and Design at the Museum of Modern Art 
in New York City. 
Pearl Lam is a curator, dealer, 
and private collector of contemporary Chinese art.  
Quirino Conti is an Italian architect, costume and stage designer, and fashion writer. 
Sarah Jessica Parker is a well-known film and stage actress 
who famously collected Baguettes in her role as Carrie on Sex and the City.

Until next time J Xx

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