Monday, 30 July 2012

Moschino Pink Bouquet Fragrance! Xx

Sparkle Style are loving the Brand New
Moschino Pink Bouquet Fragrance
which is a bright and intense burst of energy, 
a vibrant composition of 
sparkle and exuberance - just our thing! Xx

Kendra Spears is the model starring in 
Moschino Pink Bouquet’s Advertising Campaign, 
shot by Giampaolo Sura with the creative direction 
of Rosella Jardini at the “Villa Erba” residence by Lake Como.

The TV commercial tells the enchanting love story of two young people.
Kendra  is dropped off at her stunning Italian residence 
by her Prince Charming on his “Vespa” moped. 
The Vespa moped was chosen as it is an icon 
of pure Italian identity to which the Moschino 
brand is deeply rooted. She goes to bed and dreams 
of the kiss shared with her Prince. 
When she wakes up she is greeted with a beautiful heart 
shaped bouquet of pink flowers, a memory 
of their evening together.…Moschino Pink Bouquet.

Check the Commercial on YouTube Below

'Fragrant petals of a bouquet of eternal spring.
Moschino Pink Bouquet is a fragrance for women full of character, 
who want to have fun above anything else!'

This is a fruity/floral fragrance 
has fresh top notes of Bergamot and 
Pineapple Sorbet, Peony,
 pink Lily of the Valley, 
and intense Jasmine,
heart is a mixture of
Gingerbread and Peach
and it's
base is Cosmone, and smooth moss

The Bottle is Heart shaped clear crystal
sparkling decorative metallic edging 
and a shocking pink lid 

The box is candy pink with
'MOSCHINO Pink Bouquet' surrounded by 
sparkling silver dots in a heart shape

Collection with Retail Price
30ml Eau de Toilette Spray  £29.50
50ml Eau de Toilette Spray  £42.00
100ml Eau de Toilette Spray  £59.00
200ml Bath and Shower Gel  £25.00
200ml Body Lotion  £29.00

Until next time J Xx

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