Sunday, 15 July 2012

Lenovo Ultrabooks - Slim, Light and Rapid! Xx

Sparkle Style are loving the look and feel 
of the Brand New Lenovo Ultrabooks™ 
They are Super Slim, Incredibly Light and Ultra Fast 
(their ultra-responsive technologies, 
including RapidBoot which boots up 
your PC 40% faster than a typical Windows 7 computer).
Their Battery Life is also majorly long. 
All of these features are what 
we need for Modern Use.

The Colours are great too.
The U310 from £599 comes in Cherry Blossom Pink, 
Aqua Blue and Graphite Grey
the inside is white,
the screen is 13.3 inch and it weighs 3.74 lbs.
The U410 from £649 comes in graphite grey, sapphire blue 
and ruby red the inside is metallic grey, 
the Screen is 14 inch and it weighs 4.18 lbs

Ultrabook™ devices combine the best features 
of traditional laptops with choices of powerful 
new third-generation Intel® Core™ processors, 
large storage capacity and rich audio with the 
attractive features of tablets, like fast boot up, 
instant resume and prolonged battery life.

The PCs come with a 2nd or 3rd gen 
Intel®Core™ processor and smart features 
like Lenovo Smart Update which downloads 
your emails and social channels even while on sleep mode. 
Plus, the U310 and U410 offer a fun way to 
log in with VeriFace™ face recognition.

Above: The Lenovo U310

Above the Lenovo U410

Key features include:
  • The products are as slim and small as a paperback book
  • The U310 comes in graphite grey; aqua blue and cherry blossom pink
  • The U410 comes in graphite grey, sapphire blue and ruby red
  • The 13.3 inch U310 measures 0.7inches / 18mm thick, weighs 3.74lbs / 1.7kg
  • The 14 inch U410 measures 0.83inches / 21mm thick, weighs 4.18lbs / 1.9kg
  • Available in i3 or i7 processors
  • The U310 has up to 1TB of storage and 7 hours of extended battery life
  • The U410 has up to 1TB of storage and 9 hours of extended battery life
  • Come with Dolby Home Theatre v 4 as standard
  • Intelligent Touchpad; glass touchpad with easy scroll, zoom and rotate functions
  • VeriFace™ face recognition – a fun way to log in your PC
  • In case of loss or theft, Intel® Anti-theft (AT) technology helps you to remotely disable the PC or track it down through GPS or Wi-Fi geo-location; requires third-party service subscription

Both available from Amazon, Currys Dixons, 
John Lewis, Littlewoods, PC World and Very

Until next time J Xx

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