Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Hair and Make up at Atelier Versace Autumn Winter 2012/13

Here are some Backstage Pictures to show 
the amazing care and attention to detail
that goes into the preparation of the truly incredible 
Atelier Versace Autumn Winter 2012/13 Show
at the Ritz Paris on 1 July.

At Versace hair is always perfectly blow dried - here an example
of the iconic Marcel Wave for the modern day siren.

Above: See the detail of a matt brown smoky eye, 
 darker brown in the socket brought out wide to the brow bone
and around underneath the eyes.
There is a dramatic pop
of colour with eyeliner in the centre near the eyelashes 
in luminous sparkle pink violet and 
aquamarine liner in the very inside bottom inner lid. 

There is a smudge of gold in the inner corner of the eye 
mixed with a hint of the pink violet.
The lashes are long and false - the eyebrows thick and dark.  
Lips are matt rosy and outlined with a nude but iridescent liner 
at the top lip and cupids bow especially.
The blusher is a rosy pink applied in the centre of the cheek.

Perfect exaggerated Botticelli Beauties

Below: The Finished Look
Perfect Make up and Perfect Hair

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