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Dolce & Gabbana Summer Pleasures Collection Exclusively @ Harrods from August 1st! Xx

Dolce and Gabbana Passion Duo Summer Pleasures Collection 
is one long, hedonistic journey.
This captivating colour story for lips and nails 
harnesses the vivid hues and beautiful moments of summer, 
with a perfectly edited selection of
new and classic shades of Passion Duo lipsticks
alongside a dazzling palette of nail lacquers

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Passion Duo Summer Pleasures Collection 
captures all the moods of summer, 
from the glamour of a chic destination

and the world’s most beautiful beaches, 
to the sultry magnetism of summer heat that 
inspires passion and the exuberant energy of holiday nightlife.

 Each moment is represented by a shade family 
within the Passion Duo Summer
Pleasures Collection, 

from nude
to hot, 
to glamorous,
 to bold,

 each echoing and perfectly accessorising
the places,

the feelings

and the magic 

of summer.

Choose Nude Shades for Moments at the Beach

Enjoy the intensity of an afternoon on the beach:
 bask in the sun, embrace the heat, cool off in the sea. 

Choose from
light nude to rich beige for lips and nails 
to complement all shades of tanned skin, 
light to dark. 

Select from Passion
Duo’s new neutral lip shades, Natural,
Sensual - or classic Imperial –
offset with the nail lacquer in Grey Pearl to add
understated sophistication to a summer look.

Choose Hot Shades for Moments in the Sun
Celebrate the passion of summer with refreshing,
 juicy shades of red and orange for lips and nails 
inspired by summer fruits. 
Try delicious warm orange Tropical, 
cherry Fatale or red - orange Intrigue. 

Wear coral nails with Cosmopolitan
or citrus orange Fire.

Choose Glamorous Shades for Moments at Dusk
As the sun sets and the fading light casts an atmospheric shadow, 
bronzed skin is enhanced by the beauty of deep,passionate hues.

New lip shades in intense fuschia Exotic,
natural blush Sensual and rich brown Vivid offer rich brown,
nude and tropical pink tones 
that deliver soft and creamy colour 
with a playful twist of gloss. 
Nails primed with vivid
fuchsia nail lacquer 
in Passione add perfection to fingertips.

Choose Bold Shades for Moments After Dark
as moonlight descends
 beams reflect in the gleam of gloss on lips 
perfectly painted with new dark 
and glamorous berry shade Royal.

 Matching nails in metallic plum Royal 
create a mysterious effect in a darkly lit interior.

“Summer is the perfect time to experiment with texture and colour,”
 says make-up artist Pat McGrath.

 “We saw a lot of accessory shades 
for lips and nails this season,” she adds, 
recommending Passion Duo’s slim-line bullet for effortless 
application and rich velvety-textured 
formula that instantly locks in moisture to condition lips.

The duality of pigment-rich intense colour 
and supreme glossy shine in one slick 
tube defines the beauty of Passion Duo. 
Teamed with a beautifully edited selection 
of nail lacquers in the 
Passion Duo Summer Pleasures Collection,

Dolce and Gabbana brings the vibrancy of 
the season’s bold colour trends to lips and nails.

Above: Gloss Fusion Lipsticks from L to R
Sensual 280, Royal 110, Tropical 140, and Exotic 50
Intense Nail Lacquer from L to R
Grey Pearl 230, Royal 165 and Passione 121

Gloss Fusion Lipstick in Exotic 50  £25 each
Royal 110
Natural 130
Tropical 140
Intrigue 150
Fatale 180
Imperial 200
Feminine 260
Sensual 280
Vivid 290

Intense Nail Lacquer in Cosmopolitan 108  £18
Fire 125
Royal 165
Passione 121
Grey Pearl 230

Sparkle Style had an amazing journey
to the Amalfi Coast - Sorrento Positano and to Venice 
with Celebrity X Cruises
some of Dolce and Gabbana's
favourite Summer haunts this July and it was gorgeous
it was 40 degrees and we could see all those fiery, passionate colours
- definitely pure magic and just right
for Dolce and Gabbana Passion Duo Summer Pleasures Collection !

The Bourgainvillea Tree in the Square Positano

The view of the Beach from the dining room at
 the Parco dei Principi Hotel, Sorrento

Above: in Venice

Until next time J Xx

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