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Vertu Constellation Smile with Exhibition of Photos by Mary McCartney! Xx

So on Tuesday 13 June 2012, London
Sparkle Style went along to the
private view of Mary McCartney photographs 
documenting the charity Smile Train's incredible work
which went alongside the
 highly anticipated launch of Vertu's
first charity handset.

Perry Oosting, President of Vertu, Mary McCartney 
and Charles B. Wang Chairman of Smile Train

Friends of the brand and top London society 
including Mary McCartney, jewellery designer Amber Atherton, 
presenter Laura Whitmore, Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman, 
Jasmine Guinness and Kim Hersov all gathered for an 
evening of champagne and canapés at the 
Louise T Blouin Institute, London W11 4BE 

Photographs above copyright Mary McCartney for the Smile Train
Book available to Buy from

The Smile Vertu Phone

The Film of Mary McCartney taking the pictures for Smile Train

Check the Film on YouTube Above

About Smile Train:
Founded in 1999, Smile Train is the world's 
largest cleft charity with over 2,200 partner surgeons 
operating in over 1,100 partner hospitals, 
and has helped more children in over 80 countries 
- many of the world's poorest, 
recently performing our 750,000th surgery. 
Smile Train provides free cleft lip and palate surgery 
to children from poor families that give a child 
not just a new smile, but also a chance at a new life. 
For additional information, 
please visit.

The unique partnership between Vertu, the market leader 
in luxury mobile phones and Smile Train, 
a worldwide organisation providing free 
corrective surgery for children was driven by the belief 
that everyone should have the right to clear communication. 
Charles B. Wang Chairman of Smile Train and 
Perry Oosting President of Vertu

Over the past twelve years, Smile Train has provided over 
725,000 free cleft surgeries, allowing each child to fully integrate
 into their community as well as receive comprehensive, 
rehabilitative care, including speech therapy. 
At the heart of the partnership was the creation of the 
handset Constellation Smile, a unique variant of 
Vertu’s most recent smartphone offering, 
Constellation Touch which sees Vertu donating 
200 euro from each Constellation Smile to the charity. 
Vertu has committed at least one million euro to 
Smile Train through the sales of Constellation Smile, 
and for every Constellation Smile sold, 
an operation to transform a child’s life will 
be funded by Vertu resulting in a life being changed for the better.
Mary McCartney and Perry Oosting President of Vertu

Perry Oosting, President of Vertu commented: 
“As a pioneer and leading manufacturer of luxury mobile phones, 
communication is one of the founding cornerstones of our brand. 
Offering the means to communicate whilst ensuring our handsets and 
services are of the highest standards are fundamental values 
that have inspired us since the creation of Vertu.
 Today, we are proud and pleased to be starting out 
on this new journey with a prestigious charity such as Smile Train
 whereby we can help change the lives of the children through 
corrective cleft lip and palate surgery and ensure that 
these children always have a voice.”

“Partnering with such an amazing company as Vertu 
not only raises the awareness of the work that Smile Train 
has done for over a decade, but allows us to have greater 
visibility to high-net worth individuals around the world,” 
said Charles B. Wang, Chairman of Smile Train. 
“We are so proud to have such a partner, 
and this continues Smile Train’s efforts of 
seeking out best-in-class companies to be 
associated with and expand our presence.”

From L to R, Charles B Wang, Stephen Quinn Publishing Director of Conde Nast, 
Perry Oosting and Mary McCartney

Picture: Jenny Palmer
Perry Oosting President of Vertu, Alexandra Shulman Editor in Chief of UK Vogue
and Adam Thomas Global Head of Public Relations, Vertu
Me and Peter Ogunsalu, Film Producer at Number 9 Films
Alexandra Shulman
The Fabulous Laura Whitmore and 
the Brilliant Mason Smillie
from MTV

Cecelia Chancellor
Check this link to see my Portrait of Cecelia in c.1990
Laura Whitmore and Amber Aterton  with the Smile Vertu Phone

Me and MTV's Mason Smillie
Kim Hersov and Mary McCartney

Bill Amberg and Me

Jeremy Healy and Me
Peter Ogunsalu and Jeremy Healy

The Gorgeous Laura Whitmore from MTV
Kim Hersov
Amber Atherton
Amber Atherton and Laura Whitmore

Lisa Butcher
Lisa and her Gorgeous Red satin Chanel Bag

The Exhibition and the Vertu Smile Phone

Peter Ogunsalu and the Designer of the Vertu Smile Phone 
(wearing Stella McCartney) and Me

Jeremy Healy and Emma Woolard

Mary McCartney and Jasmine Guinness
Mary McCartney

The Book of Photographs by Mary McCartney

The Vertu Smile Phone

The Beautiful Mary McCartney Vertu, Smile Train Book

Perry Oosting Speaks

Charles B. Wang Chairman of Smile Train speaks

All pictures David Bennett courtesy
and Jenny Palmer

Vertu is the leading manufacturer of luxury mobile phones. 
Vertu handsets are designed to meet the needs of its 
discerning customers and offer exclusive tailored services 
along with bright design and state-of-the-art manufacturing 
technologies. Every Vertu handset in each of its three 
distinct collections - 
Vertu Signature, Vertu Ascent and Vertu Constellation 
- is assembled by hand at the company’s headquarters 
in England and combines innovative technologies 
with the excellence in execution. 
Vertu phones are available exclusively 
in over 500 stores all over the world,
 including over 100 dedicated Vertu 
boutiques in 66 countries worldwide. 

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