Monday, 11 June 2012

Tiffany & Co Enchant Collection! Xx

The Tiffany Enchant Collection debuted in New York
on May 22 2012. 

The collection highlights the company’s reputation as the 
world’s diamond authority and reflects a long tradition 
of nature-inspired jewels that has 
evolved over Tiffany’s 175-year history.

The Collection includes a key pendant (below)
(Sparkle Style's favourite)
accented with a butterfly 

of vibrant pink diamonds which unlocks the poetic 
spirit that flourishes in the garden. 
And custom ring (below) - settings of white diamonds surround 
Tiffany Yellow Diamonds that sparkle like sunlight. 
These rare colored diamonds delight the eye 
with their spectacular hue and intensity. 
As symbols of Tiffany’s heritage, 
these sought-after stones have glittered 
through every fashion era, 
and are today’s greatest expression of glamour and luxury.

The collection is based on the symmetrical 
and ornate patterns of traditional 19th-century garden gates. 
Similar to these wrought iron masterpieces, 
the Tiffany Enchant collection provides a frame through 
which nature’s beauty can be viewed.  
Tiffany designers capture the grandeur of the 
swirling motifs in jewelry with white and colored diamonds. 
Nature abounds in these light, open settings, with the 
gemstones’ vibrant and captivating beauty.
The jewellery sparkles brilliantly with every movement. 
A scroll pendant, earrings and bangle (below) trace the opulence of 
formal gardens with exquisite white diamonds,
 hand cut and set in platinum and 18 karat rose gold. 
The diamonds mesmerize with a pure, 
dazzling light that distinguishes Tiffany’s diamonds 
and its renown as the jeweler of quality and craftsmanship.

Tiffany Enchant is the latest in a legacy of 
designs inspired by the natural world, 
and is richly symbolic of the company’s 
commitment to protecting the environment 
and its precious resources. 
Tiffany and Co. has partnered with 
New York’s Central Park Conservancy and other such 
organizations around the world to preserve urban 
green spaces for the enjoyment of all.

The Tiffany Enchant collection is available at 
select Tiffany and Co. stores worldwide on August 1st

Until next time J Xx

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