Thursday, 14 June 2012

SORAPOL AW 12 'IRON GRIP Monochrome Scarf'! Xx

So Sparkle Style went to the Fabulous Launch of Soropol's AW12 
Monochrome Scarf at Whisky Mist
on Wednesday 13 June.

Boy George, Emma Bunton, Jade Jones
and Jodie Harsh were there 
among the crowd to celebrate.

And we love the IRON GRIP Monochrome Scarf
especially the one in white organza! Xx
 Me and Daniel Lismore 
I am wearing: chiffon polka dot top Fornarina, White Biker waistcoat Topshop 
cargo jeans Karen Millen Bag Juicy Couture, 
Red Wing earrings and Heart ring Butler and Wilson
Pale pink pearl necklace Lola Rose, mini silk satin SORAPOL white scarf.

The Fabulous Boy George

The Gorgeous Emma Bunton
Jade Jones and Emma Bunton 

 Jodie Harsh, who looked incredible was on the decks


 The Monochrome Scarf AW12 is Unveiled! Xx

This is Soropol's second luxury Scarf 
illustrated by Papaboule and it is gorgeous. 
Available in two different formats. 
Black on white and white on black.
 There are only 50 produced of each.  
The Black Scarves are made in 100% silk twill,
 whilst the white
scarves are silk organza both measuring 
one meter by one meter.

Back in March SORAPOL launched their AW12 collection entitled 'Iron Grip'
Following the success of the brand's first insect print scarf from the 'True Colours' Collection
see the film Below

 SORAPOL have decided to launch a limited edition 
scarf with every line.

It has become SOROPOL's aspiration to launch these 
collector's scarves, beautifully reflecting
the story behind the mainline collections.

The Story Behind the AW12 Iron Grip Collection is 
based around the beautiful Vasilisa who had been born 
into the pre-revolutionary Russian Era 
where she lived in a society that still organised people by class.  
She had been sent into the Royal family as a 
spy by her Communist father, but disaster struck when she fell in love.  
She continued to lead a life of highs and lows, 
which are depicted through the spherical print on the scarf.

As SORAPOL says 'Nothing excites fashion like a dark, 
ominous story.
The Scarf charmingly encapsulates Vasilisa's dark 
and sinister emotions through its focus on detail
which gives the scarf huge artistic status.'

All the more poignant therefore, for such a
 'disturbing and mesmerising story'
to be told in purely black and white.

 The Whisky Mist Girls

 The Cake Lady

The Number 1 Vodka Ice
for SORAPOL's 1st Anniversary

Until next time J Xx

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