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Rizzoli Book Dior Joaillerie by Michele Heuze Preface by Victoire de Castellane! Xx

Preface by Victoire de Castellane and Text by Michèle Heuzé

“Victoire de Castellane brings her free-spirited nature 
to the secular savoir faire of jewelry, which she expresses
 by experimenting with larger-than-life forms, 
wild burst of psychedelic color, and excessive details. 
Her creations have the ability to cast magic spells, 
inspire wonder, and stimulate interaction.”
Michèle Heuzé

Since launching Dior Fine Jewelry in 1998, 
Victoire de Castellane has revolutionized the world of high jewelry design.  
Renowned as one of the most creative and fearless jewelry designers 
in the world, she is considered a trailblazer for her use 
of colored gemstones to create haute couture rings, 
necklaces, brooches, and earrings.  
In the first book to celebrate the timeless beauty
 and craftsmanship of Dior’s fine jewelry designs, 
DIOR JOAILLERIE (Rizzoli; March 2012) 
offers readers a look inside the creative brilliance of de Castellane’s work.
Drawing inspiration from a global mix of pop culture, 
floral and natural motifs, and the visual excesses of Bollywood, 
de Castellane’s designs evoke a playful spirit
—diamond necklaces crafted to look like tied ribbon; 
lacquered earrings in the shape of ladybugs; fantastical, 
other-worldly brooches crafted in vibrant colors; 
rings in the shape of buds that ‘blossom’; 
sea-creatures re-imagined in fiery opals 
and cotton candy-hued stones; snakes, 
lizards and frogs rendered in emeralds,
 rubies, and sapphires; Gothic skulls with diamond crowns; 
Harem inspired headdresses fashioned 
with radiant diamonds…and much, much more!

Captured throughout the book’s 300 pages,
 the exquisite craftsmanship of Dior Fine Jewellery 
is showcased with vivid photography, 
fully highlighting the allure of pieces de Castellane creates. 
Adding to that is poetic and insightful text from 
jewellery historian Michèle Heuzé which offers readers 
the perfect complement to the ‘eye and ear candy’ 
featured in DIOR JOAILLERIE.

is must-have for anyone who loves jewelry.

all pictures © DIOR JOAILLERIE 
by Michèle Heuzé, Rizzoli New York, 2012.  

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Michèle Heuzé is a 
jewellery historian and gemologist. 
In 2005, she was curator for an exhibition 
on avant-garde French jewellery, 
and she made a documentary about French jewellery in 2008.  
She has contributed to numerous magazines, 
exhibition catalogues, and books, including L’Estampille: L’Objet d’Art.

Dior Joaillerie
By Michèle Heuzé
Hardcover / 300 pages / 8 7/8” x 12” / 200 colour photographs
ISBN: 978-0-8478-3718-2
Price: £47.50 U.K.
Rizzoli New York

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