Sunday, 17 June 2012

La Petit Robe Noire - the new Fragrance by Guerlain! Xx

La Petit Robe Noire is
 a Beautiful new Fragrance that has taken
two years to create by Thierry Wasser Guerlain's
'nose alchemist' who during his travels has
found beautiful fragrant treasures to 
combine temptingly together.  
It was created in the 
Creation Studio Retreat of the the
Champs Elysees
 Guerlain Boutique in Paris

There is tonka bean, vanilla, iris and Patchouli
the house ingredients 'the Guerlinade' and then
especially for La Petit Robe Noire
Black Cherry, Patchouli and Rose
- both Bulgarian Rose
and candied Turkish Rose in Absolute

There is also almond, delicious berries, 
fresh sparkling bergamot
liquorice,anise, and smoky black lapsang leaves so
the smell is silky and like a rose macaroon.
And just like 'La Petit Robe Noire' Typically 
and Thoroughly Parisianne  

The Bottle Illustration is drawn by Serge Manseau

Watch the Commercial on YouTube

And the man himself, Thierry Wasser at the Historic Guerlain Store
on the Champs Elysees showing us all the ingredients 
for La Petit Robe Noire

Guerlain have traditionally worked with Illustrators such as
Darcy, Cassandra and Nikasinovitch
This time 
                 Kuntzel+Deygas Have Illustrated Le Petit Robe Noire.

Olivier Kuntzel, a precursor of digital graphic art in France, 
graduated from the olivier de serres applied arts school 
with a diploma in visual communication. 
Florence Deygas, a key figure in “elegant drawing”, 
graduated from the Gobelins Visual arts School 
with a diploma in animated film. 
Since 1990, they have united their talents 
as designers and illustrators 
under the name Kuntzel+Deygas to co-create 
“narrative” graphic design with an inimitable style.
their “creatures” have claimed a place in all modes of creation: 
objects, cinema, advertising campaigns and exhibitions all over the world.
their illustrated duos – the beauty (by Deygas) and Her beast (by Kuntzel), 
the two black dogs Caperino and Peperone or Winney and Loosey, 
the orange bull and the black donkey 
– helped create a buzz for the greatest couture, 
watch, leather goods and jewellery houses, 
even finding their way to magazine covers.

on the big screen, they designed legendary opening credits: 
Catch Me if You Can by Steven Spielberg, 
the Pink Panther by Shawn Levy and le Petit Nicolas by Laurent Tirard.

This collaboration with Guerlain brings 
a new character to life. 
The sleek figure of a mischievous, endearing and refined Parisian woman 
moving through a unique showcase on the borders 
of fragrance and fashion. 
Hand-sewn and tailor-made to capture all 
the personality of la Petite Robe Noire. 

is my kingdom...
i stroll through it at will. My light step leaves
no eyes still.

Until next time J Xx

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