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Harpers Bazaar - Florence Welch and BBC2s 'The Hollow Crown' - July 2012! Xx


The Ethereal Florence Welch Discusses the Queen,
 Tea and Being British in theJuly Issue of Harper’s Bazaar

All Photos Camilla Akrans Courtesy Harpers Bazaar

Check the behind the scenes video on this link

With two number one albums, an Oscars performance, 
not to mention a starring role at a Chanel show, 
Florence has been unstoppable since 

her potent voice first stormed the charts three years ago.

In her most beautiful magazine shoot to date, 
the Harper’s Bazaar styling team and photographer Camilla Akrans, 
have turned the flame-haired beauty
 into a Pre-Raphaelite goddess. 
Shot across 10 pages, Florence wears this season’s 
prettiest bohemian dresses, 
from Chanel and Dolce and Gabanna to Valentino and Dior.

In an exclusive interview, Harper’s Bazaar 
chats with Florence about her growing sense of Britishness,
 her secret wish to have tea with the Queen, 

the pressures of fame and falling in love.

Interview Highlights:On growing into her Britishness:
“I am definitely growing into my Britishness. 
The more I grow up, the more British I become.
 I had the best day ever [during last year’s Royal Wedding] 
– I dressed up and put on a crown and 
watched it with my mother and sister. 

We were shouting at the television, “Kiss her, kiss her again!”

On wanting to have tea with the Queen:
“I feel she’d know the answer to all sorts of questions.

 Oh, you know, the best words to use at Scrabble.”

On the subject of ‘love’:“Speaking of love, I’m in love,
 but I fall in love with everyone all at once. 
I’m very prone to euphoria and big feelings and 

that malaise that comes with that as well.”

On finding fame and 24-hour scrutiny difficult:
“Adele got it right. She described it as being like living in a bubble, 
how you’re away for so long and then you come back 

and everything has gone on without you. It’s so true.”

On her eccentric style:“I like to wear clothes that 
I will wear when I am an old lady.
On not going to her tour’s after-party:
“I didn’t go! I did a run-off – I’ve never done one before, 
but I was so tired from all the touring, I had to go to bed.
 I left the stage, put my slippers on and ran through 
the carpark in my catsuit with my cape flying behind me, 

screaming, “Go-oooooooooooooooooo!”

On her performance at the Met Ball last year:
“I sang at the ball last year. I was dressed as David Bowie 
with bleached eye-brows, dancing a mad jig in the Temple of Dendur 

with Paul McCartney. I was like, 
“This has got really weird.”

On being nervous and jumpy all the time:
“I get the fear. I have done since I was a kid, 
I’m quite prone to the heebie-jeebies. 
I’m in love with life. I want to be able to see things in 360 
– my eyes aren’t big enough to fit everything in;
 my peripheries get in the way.”

Full feature appears in the July issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK, on sale Monday 4th June 2012


Also in Harpers Bazaar on the Talking Points Pages 
Rebecca Bradley talks
to the cast and the Brilliant Producer Pippa Harris 
at Neal Street Productions 
about Shakespeare's 'The Hollow Crown'.

Neal Street Productions is The Production Company,
 also responsible for films Jarhead 
and Revolutionary Road
that Pippa runs with Director Sam Mendes, 
who is at this moment filming the new Bond Movie.

'The Hollow Crown' is BBC2's season of Shakespeare films -
four of the History Plays - Richard II, 
Henry IV parts I and II and Henry V
Directed by Rupert Goold, Richard Eyre 
and Thea Sharrock respectively.
due on our screens in July.

Click on the link to view a sneak Preview

and this clip:

"Prince Hal (Tom Hiddleston) has been summoned to 
the Court at Westminster by his Father, Henry IV (Jeremy Irons). 
The King will not tolerate Hal's recent exploits in the company of 
Falstaff (Simon Russell Beale) & Poins (David Dawson). 
Rebellion threatens the security of the Monarchy and Henry IV 
cannot afford to let the heir to the throne 
continue with such disreputable behaviour."

Chimere Cisse the PR for Harpers Bazaar, 
Me and Pippa Harris Producer
of  BBC2's Hollow Crown Series
at Nice Images and Sparkle Style's Girls Home 
Fundraising Event at Apartment 58
See my Post:

Until next time J Xx

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