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Epoque Hotels - Absolutely Perfect Boutique Hotels! Xx

If you want a Boutique Hotel - 
there is no better site than Epoque Hotels.

With SS13 shows not too far away maybe you should 
plan your stay right now
and get a good deal - especially with flights.
 Here are some of the best Epoque Hotels in all the Fashion Capitals.
And while you are on their site,
 you could explore the beautiful Hotels Epoque 
has across the Globe and book yourself 
a Summer Holiday at the same time! Xx


Kimberly Hotel

Unique in spirit with gracious hospitality, the Kimberly Hotel is European elegance in the heart of cosmopolitan Manhattan. 
This is an all suite property boasting among the most spacious accommodations on the East Side. Enjoy the health and fitness facilities at their own Health and Racquet Club just a few blocks away.


The Hempel Hotel

Experience the style of simplicity at The Hempel, 
a trendy and classy luxury boutique hotel. 
Created by celebrated British designer Anouska Hempel, 
this inspired jewel launches a new conception in 
hotel accommodation. 
The sleek architecture, quiet tone, 
and crisp lines are a marvel of Zen minimalism, 
deriving its inspiration from the basics of ancient design. 
However, the atmosphere is warm and inviting.

Only a few minutes from Hyde Park and Notting Hill, 
in a peaceful garden square, 
The Hempel offers an intimate and elegant hideaway 
in the trendy heart of West London. 
Choose from a captivating array of rooms 
each individually designed and 
entirely different from the next.

The large guestrooms of the The Hempel, 
filled with natural light offer a deeply soothing, 
private haven for both the mind and the body. 
With complimentary Wi-Fi Internet and sleek flat-screen televisions, 
the London 5-star hotel guestrooms offer 
the ideal mix of original design and modern boutique luxury.
The Beaufort Hotel, Knightsbridge

One of the best addresses in the city, 
our charming boutique hotel, located in the heart of Knightsbridge, 
feels like your home in London; 
comfortable furnishings, complimentary afternoon tea 
and residents bar each day and only minutes 
walk to Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Hyde Park.

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K West Hotel and SPA

K West Hotel and Spa is a luxury 
boutique hotel in a peaceful location in London: 
a haven from the hustle and bustle of the vibrant city. 
The K West Hotel and Spa is the perfect place 
for both business and pleasure visits to London.

Hotel Verta by Rhombus

The fascinating Hotel Verta in London by Rhombus in
Chelsea Harbour is one of the most unique places to stay at. 
Relaxation is a top priority at our boutique hotel Verta.
The Verta Spa is designed to collect 
all the essences of stress and release them in one blow. 
The same can be said about the Patrisey restaurant in the Hotel Verta, specializing in traditional British and European cuisine Hotel Verta.

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The Hub Hotel

The Hub is a true “urban hotel” in which to catch 
a glimpse of Milan’s chic and cool spirit in its entirety: 
a strategic location, unconventional spaces 
and a mix of innovative features. 
This new boutique hotel is the ideal 
starting point to discover one of the
 most glamorous and fashionable metropolis of the Old Continent. 
The Hub boasts 162 rooms of various types, 
all distinguished by a minimalist and essential touch, 
with warm and soothing tones, 
avant-garde and up to date materials, hi-tech amenities. 
There is a panoramic and modern health club on the roof level, 
with swimming pool, sauna, hammam, 
Jacuzzi and fitness centre and Gourmet restaurant.

Enterprise Hotel

Enterprise Hotel Milan 's structure, built originally 
in the 1950’s as a radio factory, 
is a valid example of innovative 
creativity which respects the Old Milan style. 
During the reconstruction it was decided 
to preserve the style of the previous building: 
typical of industrial premises; 
this is most noticeable in the large windows 
illuminating the restaurant and the high ceilings.
 This luxury hotel offers also: 
one thousand square metres of conference 
facilities an elegant restaurant, two bars, a wine cellar, 
a fitness centre and a parking garage. 
Wi-fi: wireless technology in every room and apartment, 
as well as in the Congress Centre, communal areas and garden.
 Shuttle Service: free shuttle service for the 
main trade fairs held at the new Pero-Rho Trade Fair Centre.

Town House 8

The prestigious Town House 8 is set in the elegant 
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, 
located in the center of Milan. 
This fabulous boutique hotel offers luxury, 
service at the highest level and an impressive interior. 
The Town House 8 fulfils the requirements 
of the most demanding guests. 
Our hotel is elegant in every detail. 
One example is Our Hotel's on duty staff in white gloves.

Maison Moschino

Maison Moschino is a unique boutique hotel in Milan. 
Designed by Moschino's creative team, the hotel 
boasts surreal decor with the latest in technology.

Hotel Le Lavoisier

A mid-19th century townhouse located 
on a quiet side street neighboring Rue St. Honoré, 
Le Lavoisier is a trendy boutique hotel 
with an innovative décor. 
Its refined pastel shades, 
and neo-classical furniture inspire elegance and serenity.

Le Lavoisier’s elegantly renovated 
rooms and suites can make a stay in Paris delightful. 
The elegant and antique furniture combined 
with beautiful paintings are in perfect harmony 
with the ambiance of the hotel; 
the result is truly beautiful and refreshing. 
The old-style furniture, which has been chosen with care, 
and the elegant and warm colours of 
the decor create a refined atmosphere.

                                         Le Saint Gregoire Hotel

Le Saint Gregoire Hotel is a small 18th century mansion 
that is a genuine oasis of peace. 
Pleasant colours, warm fires in wintertime, 
view over patio and comfort of times gone by 
all together give to this place a wonderful intimate atmosphere. 
The bedrooms at Le Saint Gregoire Hotel, 
with a personal touch for each of them, 
are luminous and deliciously decorated - 
cosy comfort, stylish furniture, fully equipped bathrooms
 and a lovely private terrace for some of them.
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                   From the creators of Hotel The Five comes a boutique hotel 
where experience comes before everything else. 
Le Seven is a deluxe design hotel, with its 28 individually designed rooms 
with levitating beds, starlit skies and a unique sense of lightness and love. 
The series of seven suites of the Hotel Seven 
expresses a new concept of design: 
each suite was uniquely created with different themes and interactive features, 
all featuring mini-bars in addition to the services of regular rooms. 
The Black Diamond Suite is entirely black, a blend of materials, 
diamonds and mirrors, making you feel like in a diamond. 
The eccentric Marie Antoinette suite has large bed in padded white leather, 
pink glass shelves and a domed starry ceiling with a modern crystal chandelier, 
crystal in the bathroom and pink fiberoptic lights. 
The Sublime Suite is dedicated to women, 
all in soft tones and white like a large cloud with curves and lighting. 
The 007 Suite is a ‘60s-’70s universe with a retro feel and look; 
the room comes with a series of 007 gadgets and a masculine feel, 
on top of a steam bath shower.
 The Once upon a time suite is the largest suite in the hotel, 
with its minerals and natural materials like wood, leather and fur.
 A large round bed and a chimney, two TVs, a lounge bathroom, 
a shower room and a spa on the terrace. 
The Alice in Wonderland suite subtly recreates the universe of 
Alice with clocks, lit panels and screens around the room. 
The ON/OFF suite is a dual universe with its two different decors 
from minimalistic to neo-rococo with the flick of a switch. 
If you are looking for a unique experience of 
luxury and romance Hotel Seven in the 
heart of Paris is the right choice.

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The Hidden Hotel

                           The Hidden Hotel, built in 2009 with the idea of 
“Respect and Love for the environment” in mind, 
offers a clever combination of materials, 
colours and fragrances in a modern yet timeless ambience. 
The Hidden Hotel will take you away from the hurly-burly 
of the city centre and let you taste the calming sensation 
of staying in a truly hidden place. 
This boutique hotel has attempted to employ only 
the purest materials in their most natural state. 
It blends linen with slate, wood, marble, stone, glass
 and handmade ceramic materials. 
The Hidden Hotel also features organic, 
eco-friendly, ethical and contemporary inspirations in a diverse, 
sophisticated and well-balanced combination. 
The Hidden Hotel takes particular pleasure in fostering an 
impression of mystery, helping you discover its most hidden secrets. 
It tries to awaken the pleasure of discovering concealed wonders:
 treasures, secret spaces and astonishing multicultural cuisine.

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Have fun looking at the Epoque Hotels site,
and know that all the Hotels have been thoroughly 
checked out by Epoque themselves and their rigorous standards.


Until next time J Xx

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