Monday, 7 May 2012

Links of London Team GB & Union Jack Ranges! Xx

As you must all know Sparkle Style LOVES Links of London
I absolutely never take off my bracelets, and own 
a whole jewellery box of their gorgeous designs -
allsorts bracelets, charm bracelets, 
necklaces and earrings from vintage collections,
including my latest purchases from the Love Note collection see below.

We are loving their Team GB and Union Jack collections 
which are just right for NOW! Xx 

JLS wearing their Links of London Team GB Bands 

Keri-anne Payne and Derek Malcolm in the Links of London
 Ads for the Official Jewellery Collection of Team GB

And they are great for mixing in
with everything else - especially the iconic Links of London
Friendship Bracelets which are Everyone's Favourites.

Check the variety on right HERE

I love the one with skulls, and it will look great with the Team GB Band
along with a few others - the more the better!!

2012 Team GB Band £20.00
Click to BUY

Team GB Band £125

And check the rest of the GB Range HERE

Team GB Lion Head Charm £45.00

2012 Team-Paralympics GB Disc Charm £45.00
2012 Team GB Handbag Charm £60.00

 The Union Jack Collection

 Key Ring £50
Union Jack Ring £125

Union Jack on black cord £75

 Sweetie Bracelet £140

 Charm Bracelet £165
Mini Union Jack Turquoise Charm £35
 Rose Gold Charm £45

Mini Union Jack Coral Charm £35

 Heart Union Jack on White Cord £75
Everlasting Postcard £65

 2012 Union Jack Heart Pendant £110
2012 Union Jack Bangle £215

2012 Union Jack Dog Tag £130

Me in my Links of London Love note Y necklace and Bracelet
Check my Post

Until next time J Xx

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