Sunday, 20 May 2012

Kim Kardashian Quick Trim Launch - St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

So Kim Kardashian arrived with Jonathan Cheban
at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel 
for a party to launch Quick Trim here in the UK.  
She greeted competition winners customers who had bought 
a QuickTrim product from Rowlands Pharmacy 
and chatted with them
and the whole thing was filmed 
for Season 7 of Keeping up with the Kardashians
which has started already in the US,
Sundays on E!
Kim looked amazing in Black Stella McCartney Dress
Make up, as always by the brilliant Rob Scheppy
Arriving with Jonathan Cheban

Kim Kardashian’s QuickTrim Essentials Kit is a 
seven-day programme that starts with a two-day cleanse
 followed by five days of meal replacement shakes to aid weight loss.

Kim says: “I like to stay in shape but like most women I don’t find it easy. 
Rather than completely deny myself the things I like,
I practice moderation, eating a well
balanced diet and exercising regularly.”

“I’ve put my name on the QuickTrim product range 
as it’s a range that my sisters and I use when we need 
a bit of help getting in shape from time to time.”
Outside the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel
Me and Cinta Miller chilling at Hix Selfridges 
before we went along to the St Pancras Rennaissance Hotel for
the Quick Trim Party
Dress Versace Cruise Collection for HandM 
Butterfly Necklace Van Gansen, 
Union Jack Wing Earrings, Eye ring, bracelet and 
heart ring Butler and wilson
 rings charm bracelet Pandora,
bracelets Links of London, Watch Tag
Shoes Dune,
Champagne Moet, Fragrance Hibiscus Marc Jacobs
Make up Mallory at the Harrods Chanel Counter
Nails in Schiap by NARS by Sara Vermes
Hair by Cinta Miller
Dress Primark

The St Pancras Renaissance Hotel
Competition Winners waiting to go in.
photographers waiting
the purple carpet and the quick trim board
the st pancras renaissance lobby

The Fire Juggler

Me and the Quick Trim Statue

Chelsea and Lyndsey from Rowlands Pharmacy 
in Melling near Liverpool
Kim's Film Crew
And here she is ... always perfect! Xx

The Fort Knox around Ms Kardashian

 Kim and Jonathan Cheban
 Cinta Miller and Rob Scheppy
Best Hair and Make Up Artists around!! Xx

Cinta and Jonathan Cheban
Cinta and Kim

What is Kim Kardashian’s Weight Loss Programme?

·      A calorie controlled programme utilising a unique combination of products which act on 2 levels:

1.   A Cleansing Diet Plan designed to 
assist the body’s natural cleansing process
2.   Meal Replacement Shakes to aid weight loss

·      No carbohydrate restrictions making it easily adapted to any lifestyle
·      No mandatory consultations required
·      Simply use the products in conjunction with the calorie controlled meal plan relevant to your start weight

What Products are Available in the Range?

Kim Kardashian’s Essentials Kit
Kim Kardashian’s Meal Replacement Shakes - Chocolate Flavour
Kim Kardashian’s Meal Replacement Shakes - Vanilla Flavour

How Does the Programme Work?

Begin with Kim Kardashian’s Essentials Kit.

What's in the box?

·      1 Bottle of Kim Kardashian's Cleanse
·      10 x Kim Kardashian's Meal Replacement Shakes
◦ 5 x Vanilla Flavour
◦ 5 x Chocolate Flavour
·      Programme guide and suggested meal plans

Kim Kardashian's Essentials Kit is 
designed to be used in the following way:

Days 1 and 2: Cleanse Plan

Kim Kardashian’s cleansing plan gives the body a 
chance to eliminate waste products from the colon
 and decrease the amount of strain put upon the body’s 
organs due to a reduction in sugar, 
salt, fat, protein, alcohol and caffeine intake.

Reducing waste from the body is likely to 
remove any feeling of bloating which often 
accompanies accumulation of waste material 
and gas in the colon, leaving the body feeling lighter and 
promoting healthier digestion.

Once the initial two days have been completed, 
the body is in a better position to continue on 
a weight loss programme. 
As the normal diet has already been restricted, 
the body will have had the chance to adjust 
to any dietary changes and you will have a 
more positive outlook on your body due to feeling 
lighter from the initial cleanse. This sets the scene for 
moving onto the weight loss phase 
with heightened motivation to succeed 
in reaching your weight loss goal.

To help facilitate the cleansing process, 
the diet should be very simple consisting 
of lots of fruits, vegetables, 
lean protein such as chicken or 
fish and wholegrain carbohydrates such as brown rice.

Drink plenty of water and herbal teas. 
Food and drink rich in sugar, salt, fat, 
caffeine and alcohol should be limited 
or avoided altogether during this process.

The programme guide inside the box 
provides a meal plan for each of the cleansing days. 
Follow the meal plan relevant to your weight:

The calorie allowance for each day is 
broken down into three meals and snacks. 
The snack items listed at the bottom
 of the daily meal plans provide enough
 for two or three snacks, which can be 
eaten throughout the day between meals.

Days 3 to 7: Weight Loss Plan

To facilitate weight loss 
Kim Kardashian’s Meal Replacement
Shakes are used for the 
remaining five days of the programme.
Ten shake sachets are provided 
in Kim Kardashian’s Essentials Kit. 
Each shake sachet provides one meal.
 Simply mix the shake powder with 
200ml of ice cold water and drink.

·      Replace two meals per day with 
Kim Kardashian’s Meal Replacement Shakes
·      Eat one well balanced meal and 
snacks consisting of everyday foods from all food groups
·      Continue to drink two litres 
of water and herbal teas each day

There are no carbohydrate restrictions. 
Simply follow the calorie controlled 
meal plan for each day provided in the programme
guide. Follow the calorie 
plan relevant to your weight:

Continued Weight Loss

Although you may want to use Kim 
Kardashian’s Programme on an 
ongoing basis, it is not necessary to follow the Cleanse
Plan each week whilst on 
the programme. Kim Kardashian’s
Essentials Kit should be purchased 
for up to 2 consecutive weeks.
From week 3 onwards, continue on 
the weight loss plan only, utilising 
the meal replacement shakes for ongoing weight loss.

·      Week 1: Kim Kardashian's Essentials Kit
·      Week 2: Kim Kardashian's Essentials Kit
·      Week 3 Onwards: Kim Kardashian's Meal 
replacement shakes only (available in weekly packs of 14)

For best results, return to Kim Kardashian’s Essentials Kit every
four weeks to repeat the Cleanse Plan as outlined:

• Kim Kardashian’s Essentials Kit
• Four weeks of Kim Kardashian’s Meal Replacement Shakes
• Back to Kim Kardashian’s Essentials Kit for 1 week

About Rowlands Pharmacy
  • Rowlands Pharmacy is a growing chain of over 500 pharmacies, offering NHS and Private Prescriptions, OTC medication, health care products and an online service to clients across England, Scotland and Wales.
  • The Rowlands head office is based in Runcorn, Cheshire.
  • Rowlands operates an online pharmacy at
    About Kim Kardashian’s QuickTrim Essentials Kit 

Kim appeared at Westfield on Sunday to chat to more fans
and Grazia.
Leaving the Athenaem Hotel

Flawless Make up!

Until Next Time J Xx

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