Sunday, 20 May 2012

Daniel Lismore @ Whisky Mist! Xx

So we went to Whisky Mist last Wednesday and
were honoured to meet Daniel Lismore
who according to American Vogue
is 'London's Most Outrageous Dresser' 

Daniel is a Genius and also has his own Couture line Sorapol 
which showed at the Old Vic Tunnels last season 
and we very much look forward to the next show
check their FB Page


 It's Prince Cassius! Xx
 Daniel and Emma Piette
Check my Post:

Emma Piette and Jin Nilsson of Whisky Mist
Whisky Mist's Jin Nilsson

Above: the Whisky Mist Girls

Until next time J Xx


  1. They'll have Three Magnets Brewing's Belgian Pale Ale on tap—prepared with a strain of yeast Spirit Works "acquired" from a container of Orval. Additionally, jars of Mikkeller Årh Hvad?!