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Ralph Lauren's Rugby Store in Covent Garden! Xx

Situated in the heart of London’s Covent Garden Piazza,
King Street London, WC2 
in an historic building from the late 1600s, 
the store spans nearly 513 square meters and features
 a complete line of Rugby apparel and accessories for both men and women.

Originally designed by English baroque architect Thomas Archer, 
the building was initially created as a residence for Edward Russell, 
grandson of the fourth Earl of Bedford in the late 1600s
 and the façade remains unchanged.

Echoing the collegiate style of the Rugby brand, 
the store is inspired by a traditional Ivy League environment 
evident in such architectural details as its corniced ceilings and library-like rooms. 
The space occupies two floors, with the ground floor 
dedicated to the women’s collections and the lower floor 
highlighting the menswear collection. 
The great entry hall and galleries recall the layout 
of the original grand residence and numerous authentic
 interior features have been restored to reveal the building’s storied past.

Launched in 2004, Rugby is derived from the heritage of Polo Ralph Lauren. 
The Rugby collection — available only in Rugby stores and —
 combines an Ivy League–inspired sensibility with an irreverent attitude to create an energetic, modern collection. 
From traditionally rooted looks for men to sharp, sexy styles for women, 
Rugby embraces a lasting spirit of timeless individuality. 
In addition to the flagship in New York, 
Rugby has stores in college towns and major U.S. cities 
from Boston to San Francisco. 
The first Rugby store to open outside of the U.S was in Tokyo in 2010.

Sparkle Style are loving the Rugby Spring Collection - an edgy mixture of
floral and bright feminine chiffon ruffled skirts, blouses and dresses, 
crystal jewellery and
utility pants in khaki, linen and leather biker jackets.  
You can pull together a gorgeous look that
borrows from the boys wardrobe and ends up with an effortlessly stylish
and irresistibly sexy look that makes you feel as confident as ever.

We are loving the Sandrine Stripe Linen Jacket which is a brilliant twist on
the Navy stripe blazer  - an excellently tailored jacket beautifully fitted and
nipped into the waist with fabulous peplum detail.
Worn with cream Genevieve woven Ruffle top, Gabina Utility Short and
skull & crossbones over the knee socks, toweringly high wedges - 
you can put together
a punk/rock n roll look that Adam Ant would be proud of.
Genevieve top also looks great with one of the rugby shirts. 

Rugby have done their research and found that the
Skull and Bones was a club at Yale University
and have brought it into the collection for the edgy twist.
It appears on Clutches, Wallets and ties.

According to our favourite Wikipedia
'Skull and Bones, a secret society at Yale University, was founded in 1832. Until 1971, 
the organization published annual membership rosters, which were kept at Yale's library
In this list of notable Bonesmen, the number in parentheses represents the cohort year of Skull and Bones,
 as well as their graduation year.
There are no official rosters published after 1982 and membership for later years is speculative. 
Some news organizations refer to them as a power elite.'

'A Power Elite' - Sounds alright to me!
Sign me up to the Skull and Bones Club - a  Rugby Bonesman from now on! Xx

 Pirate Frame Clutch

Some more of our Favourites from the Rugby Spring Collection!

 Above Alvadia Dress
Chandelier Earrings

Brie Top 
Cait Stretch Sateen Pant 
Collette Silk Georgette Blouse 
 Double Sash Big Kicker Polo
Double Stripe Rugby Dress 
Red Elisee Chiffon Dress 

Halsey Floral Georgette Chiffon Top
Lydie Waistcoat
Steffie Stripe Blouse
Aralana Utility Pant

 Genevieve Woven Ruffle Top
Philippa Floral Chiffon Dress
 Sandrine Stripe Linen Jacket
Elisee Chiffon Dress
 Sandrine Jacket at Back
 Henley Stripe Jersey
Gabina Satin Utility Short
 Vivien Floral Skirt
Steffie Stripe Blouse
Aralana Utility Pant

At the new Martin Creed Gallery at Sketch
Call 020 7659 4500 to book

Genevieve Woven Ruffle Top £149 Rugby by Ralph Lauren
Nails Coco Blue Chanel

Until Next time  J Xx

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