Sunday, 22 April 2012

Poppy Dinsey & Windows 7 SS12 Collection @ the Paramount! Xx

Poppy Dinsey and Me at the Paramount
(Primrose Yellow Chiffon Blouse with Broiderie Anglaise Collar CiCi at Topshop, 
Emerald Green Striped ruffle zip Cardigan: Marni for HandM, 
Nails Tentation Chanel, Lipstick Lucky Dior Addict)

So we went to Dinner at the Fabulous Paramount Restaurant 
on the 32nd floor of Centre Point at Tottenham Court Road, 
with Poppy Dinsey and Windows 7 
to discuss how fashion is playing a part 
in shaping PC design/technology 
and influencing The Collection from Windows.

Poppy Dinsey is an Inspiration - only 25 years old
she is already advising companies on everything that is Social Media
and being interviewed by Traditional Media about her Success.
It all started with
when Poppy took a picture of the outfit she was wearing each day 
with her iPhone (her iPhone is often in a different outfit!)
and uploaded it to the site.
Now others upload what they are wearing and upload it to WIWT.
So there is a whole WIWT family that is growing and growing!!
for What You're Wearing Today!!
 and she now has over 300,000 viewers,
A Top Ten of Fashion Brands with links to their Sites
 and a WIWT Phone App.

Extremely clever - she studied Economics at UCL
she understands inside out the technological side of blogging
and absolutely LOVES fashion as well.

Sparkle Style loves Poppy Dinsey and WIWT! Xx

The inaugural Collection from Windows was launched in May last year. 
Research had found that people thought the whole process of 
buying a PC really daunting and 72% thought there was overwhelming choice. 

So Windows 7 wanted to make it easier for people. 

The SS12 Collection is Microsoft’s top picks,
 a selection of the top 25-30 PCs across five categories
 – mobile, entertainment, gaming, professional and everyday 
– covering a range of different price points. 

So Poppy Dinsey, Robert from Windows 7 and 15 top Fashion Bloggers
 discussed how fashion is starting to play 
a much bigger role in PC design. 
The colour and form trends we see on the catwalk, 
are starting to translate into the technology field.

PCs are being made more powerful, 
thinner, lighter and more portable to fit in with the 
modern trend of working ‘on the go’

Ultrabooks are the hottest trend in the PC market right now. 
Designed for people on the go, 
they are a new breed of Windows PCs 
that are super thin and portable but at the same time, 
powerful, affordable and have a long battery life.

We here at Sparkle Style feel that 
Fashion can inspire Technology Design in much more subtle ways
than bright colour and jewellery that people normally attribute to 'Fashion'
- it can inspire in the elegance of pure and beautiful design,
and understated restraint that is pure 'Style'.

Check my Post on the fabulous design that is the LG Phone for PRADA

Here, you can see a perfect collaboration between technology and Fashion
which produces a beautiful piece of equipment that is truly wonderful to own.

The way the Ultra Books are advertised can also be very Fashion influenced
as seen in my Post:

Poppy Dinsey listening in to the discussion at Paramount.
Her PC is a Asus  Zenbook 15" (see below)

Asus Zenbook UX21
exceptional power with elegant design available in rose gold, 
hot pink and spun metal finish as above. £757 from Amazon

with her Topshop case £22

My Favourites are the Samsung Series 9 
(seen here with adorned with Sparkle

Samsung Series 9

This is the second generation - even thinner and more powerful 
with larger and better quality screen £1,199

Exclusively at John Lewis

and of course Sony Vaio

Above: the Samsung Series 9 and Sony Viao with Fabulous views of London from
the 32nd floor of the Paramount behind

Lenovo Idea Pad U300

Ultrabook with a metal finish £804 

Acer Aspire 53
Very light turns on in 1.5 seconds with high speed Wi-Fi Connection 
£629.99 Amazon

Toshiba Portege Z830 light and super thin, majorly long battery life
£1,169 Amazon

Another of my Favourites:

Hp Envy Spectre

A Ultrabook with three Glass Surfaces 
Tough scratch resistant thin gorilla glass  with a supersize 14" screen

Robert Epstein from Windows 7 Demonstrating how
 Amazingly thin and light the new Ultrabooks are. 
 Taking pictures and tweeting! 

The Delicious Paramount Menu

Double Baked Roquefort Souffle with Endive and Pear Salad
Veloute of Cauliflower, Roast Lagoustines with Preserved Lemon
Sea Bass with Dill Gnocchi, Fresh Peas,
 Asparagus and Cucumber, Caviar Sauce

Caramel Creme Brûlée with Blood Orange Jelly

Until next time  J Xx

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