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Monica Bellucci Limited Edition Lipstick Collection for Dolce and Gabbana! Xx

Dolce andGabbana Make-Up 
introduces its newest face: 
Italian screen star, Monica Bellucci
with its Limited Edition Monica Lipstick Collection
which exudes like the star herself, 
Power, Confidence and Sensuality

A long time personal friend of 
Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, 
Monica is the symbol of the Italian beauty of our time, 
personifying passion, voluptuous sensuality 
and breathtaking beauty in films such as 
“The Matrix – Reloaded”, “The Passion of the Christ” 
and “Don’t Look Back”, as well as French language films 
such as “L’Appartement”, 
for which she was nominated to the César Awards.

As admirers of Monica’s beauty and carefree sensuality, 
Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana 
found it only fitting to celebrate her remarkable magnetism 
with her very own limited edition 
Dolce and Gabbana Make Up Collection
Monica Lipstick Collection, 
launching in stores in May.

“We love Monica and have worked with her 
many times over the past 20 years. 
Her beauty is timeless,” says Domenico Dolce.

 “She expresses perfectly the Dolce andGabbana woman,” 
adds Stefano Gabbana, “She is ravishing – a true Italian icon.”

“I’m delighted to be collaborating with 
Domenico and Stefano on Dolce and Gabbana The Make Up,” 
says Monica. “I have always adored the aesthetic 
of Dolce and Gabbana and it’s so
 exciting to be involved with their creative process.”

Monica with her fulsome lips, 
impeccable complexion 
and daring, expressive eyes 
is the very essence of the 
Dolce and Gabbana woman and 
perfectly fits in with Dolce and Gabbana’s 
unerring focus on sensuous fashion 

– the corset dresses, the hourglass silhouettes, 
the self-assured attitude of their girls

 Mert and Marcus, worked with Monica and Pat to create a deeply sensual, 
powerfully feminine image for the campaign.

Monica wears Attractive Monica Lipstick

- an iconic cardinal red in the Ad as chosen by Pat McGrath 

“I love the way that Mert and Marcus have 
captured this timeless Mediterranean look;
 it’s as if they have captured the essence 
of the Dolce and Gabbana woman in her truest form. 
We were inspired by old Italian cinema; 
Fellini, Rossellini, Visconti, De Sica
...I think we can feel that in the images,” 
exclaims Monica.

“The final vision was classic and timeless, 
but I love that it has a fresh modern edge 
that’s full of life and vivacity. 
I feel lucky to have been able to work with two of the 
greatest photographers 
                                            in the world: Mert and Marcus,” 

says Monica

From L to R above: Magnetic Monica 120, Only Monica 80, 
Natural Monica 60, Italian Monica 160, 
Chic Monica 100 and Attractive Monica 140
 £24.50 each

“Lipstick is the most important weapon 

in any woman’s make-up arsenal,” 
says Monica. 
“It has the power to transform the appearance and mood 
of its wearer while inviting admiration from everyone else. 
You have no idea how excited I am to be Domenico and Stefano’s 
muse for this collection.
                        I have always dreamt of having my own lipstick range.
Domenico, Stefano and I have been friends for a long time. 
We are very happy to be together 
again for this beautiful new project,” she adds.

Monica Belluci looks completely stunning 
on the cover of Italian Vanity Fair
also in Dolce and Gabbana
and Italian Monica Lipstick.


Pat McGrath, Creative Advisor 
to DolceandGabbana Make Up, says:

“The shades are those of classic Italian film stars.
 The colours are very sexy and flattering 
on a wide range of complexions.
 They also reflect the lip trends seen 
at the shows with nude tones 
as well as bold reds in a variety of hues.”

 “This collection of shades perfectly 
embodies Monica’s sensuality and powerful
 allure,” adds Pat.

 Monica has signed for Dolce and Gabbana,
a limited edition collection of six 
voluptuous lipsticks that evoke her feminine curves, 
womanly confidence, glamour, passion and sensuality.

The Lipsticks are each named  
 with the adjectives that they most 
frequently use to compliment Monica - 
 so the Designers created the concept as a 
tribute to their friend and muse.

The names of which spell the 
word ‘Monica’ when listed one after the other,
 range from creamy beige to vivid carmine.

Magnetic Monica
Only Monica
Natural Monica
Italian Monica
Chic Monica
Attractive Monica

                                    They have a Brand New Formula which 
makes Monica Lipstick easy to wear 
with skin conditioning ingredients that 
feel comfortable on the lips, and leaves lips 
feeling soft and looking plump and voluptuous.
The colors are rich and luminous. 

Magnetic Monica, a sophisticated, glossy-plum stain 
for a captivating fun loving woman who is always in command. 
A colour with resonance, depth and the alluring appeal of luscious fruit.

Only Monica, a sweet candy pink sugared-almond shade. 
The quintessence of feminine perfection.

Natural Monica, a creamy taupe that’s pure cappuccino, 
the ultimate neutral for the effortlessly confident woman.
Italian Monica, an iconic chili pepper red that’s
 a true expression of the flirtatious ‘Italian diva’ moments.
Chic Monica, a fashion-forward shade of soft velvety rose petal pink, 
a sophisticated statement for a woman who knows her own style.

Attractive Monica, a seductive, desirable true cardinal rouge, 
the ultimate rich red for spell binding, kissable allure. 
The red worn by Monica in the advertising campaign.

Above from Lto R: Natural Monica, Only Monica, Attractive Monica,
Italian Monica,Chic Monica,Magnetic Monica

Monica also looks awesome in a
 DolceandGabbana tomato-stamped dress in Italian Grazia 
shot by Mariano Vivanco
Monica is surprised when Simona Coppa in the Grazia Interview  
asked her how she lives with being known as a symbol of perfection: 
“Perfection doesn’t exist, and if it exists 
it would be incredibly boring. I am not perfect, just crafty”
“I have never wanted to be super-thin,
 I have always fought this canon of beauty 
that, personally, I don’t understand".

 She is a mother of two and also says in the
 Grazia interview “women need to go back to femininity; 
in the sense that they have to take the time to raise 
their kids, to love them, to spend time with them. 
A society that does not allow that is a sick society”.

What is femininity to Monica Bellucci? 

“Wearing lipstick even when you are eighty,
 just like my beautiful Grandmother did”.

DolceandGabbana Make Up has expanded its
 roster of muses with the introduction 
of Monica Bellucci, 
alongside existing faces Scarlett Johansson and Felicity Jones. 

They were chosen to embody the various different 
facets of the Dolce and Gabbana Make Up’s collections:

Scarlett Johansson: The personification of classic glamour, 
Scarlett embodies the brand from the make up to the fragrances, 
captivating audiences the world over. 
Her full lips and wide eyes have become a 
global symbol of classic beauty, 
brought to life in her striking 
campaigns for both 
DolceandGabbana Make Up and Fragrances.

Felicity Jones: British actress and rising star 
Felicity Jones captivated designers 
Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana 
with her ultra-feminine looks and playful manner. 
Felicity’s fresh faced beauty and 
youthful charisma reflect the 
DolceandGabbana woman’s fun, 
care free and aristocratic nature.

Monica Bellucci: Monica Bellucci 
embodies the true Italian beauty, 
the heart of the world of Dolce and Gabbana. 
She expresses the personal side of the 
brand and is synonymous with the features at 
the core of DolceandGabbana’s DNA: 
fiercely passionate, powerfully striking and always sensual. 
Her sensual eyes and voluptuous 
lips exude a sex appeal and 
sophistication that no one could resist.

Until next time J Xx

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