Saturday, 21 April 2012

Dangerous Women - A Guide to Modern Life by Clare Conville, Liz Hoggard and Sarah-Jane Lovett! Xx

I was having tea at a dear friend's in Soho and 
I spied a new book on her dining table called 
'Dangerous Women - A Guide to Modern Life' 

- A good Title if ever there was one!  
Apparently her friend Clare Conville with two others 
 had it published by those lovely people at Weidenfeld and Nicholson 
with a subtitle 'Live as well as you Dare' which is even more Inspiring.

As the books description says it is 'life-enhancing,
 packed with poetry and philosophical bon mots'  
In fact it even says it 'sparkles' with the answers 
and you know that, along with a glass of champagne 
Sparkle Style would adore that! Xx

As for the Authors:
Clare Conville is a Literary Agent, discovered DBC Pierre 
on the Victoria Line
and admits to not being very good at gardening 
- I absolutely detest gardening and would be very happy 
living in a high rise apartment block overlooking 
Central Park in NYC 
(or my dear friend's flat in Soho London 
with its incredible view of Brewer Street)
- so that is very cool to me.

 Liz Hoggard a Columnist and Interviewer 
who writes for the Evening Standard, Observer and Independent.  
She lives in Peckham which my son - an avid 'Fools and Horses' watcher 
would thoroughly approve of!

Sarah-Jane Lovett has delivered the Bad Sex Awards, 
hosted numerous literary salons and 
published and performed her own poetry.  
She has appeared in Absurdist French plays 
and attended way too many parties 
- which can't be true - how can you!!  
She also drives a Black taxi like that lovely Stephen Fry.

What a triumvirate of wonderful women which we surely 
must love to listen to and read their wisdom of how
 to dance about the rules. 
And also hear their whyfores and wherefores 
of the complicated morals and mores of modern life.  
Cooking, which I can do, have done a lot of, 
but don't pay much mind to gets a wonderful one liner -
'Ready Steady Yes. This is what women 
the world over do several times a day.'  
Talk about reality check!

Other subjects are all very well and succinctly dealt with:
Courtesy, Crash Pads and Emergency Exits, Mating in Captivity, 
Quests (this has nothing to do with laser swords), Urban tribes,
 Cinq a Sept (yes mysterious - buy the book to find out), 
Female Foes and Gynocrats - it is all Brilliant - 
Sparkle Style loves Dangerous Women!
it is like being the female version of 
Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow 
on the High Seas and damn the consequences!

This book will definitely give you the 
Confidence to 'Live as Well as you Dare'

Until next time  J Xx

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