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The Badoo Project, NYC! Xx

 Badoo,the Social Networking Site 
and fourth largest social network, 
launched their
first-ever advertising campaign on 26 April in the US.
It Stars 26 lucky people from the recent

“Badoo Project” event in New York. 
The theme? Well, just like on Badoo, 
everyone starring in the ads wants to meet new people,
 and they all want something different out of the experience. 
So they are showcasing that in a fun way,

as well as highlighting everyone’s individual style!
Badoo picked a great mix of outdoor ads 
(think painted billboards, taxi-tops and underground cars), 
as well as some pretty funny videos that represent the 
people and personalities on Badoo.
For Badoo's 26 finalists, 

it’s like starring in the ultimate online profile picture!

The picture appears along with a personalized "I Want" tagline.

The "I want" taglines used in the new ads - 

ranging from "I want to wake up in a strange city" 

to "I want a reason to hit snooze" 

- were chosen by the finalists themselves.
Check the ads below, 
and if you’re in New York, look out for them on a billboard near you!

Badoo is Andrey Andreev's Brainchild 
that is growing worldwide by the day

Andrey, the brilliant entrepreneur always wears a white T Shirt 
- when it was his birthday
all members of the Badoo Team at the London office 
just off Wardour Street
went into work similarly wearing a white T shirt.

At the Le Web conference on Dec. 7, 
including the U.S. expansion and its 400 employees. 
The company is profitable and monetization is built into the site. 
A feature that lets users pay money to have their profiles 
featured higher in the app is one way Badoo brings in money.

Badoo, which snatched up $30 million in funding in 2008
 when it had just 12 million users, 
is available as a browser serviceiOS appAndroid app or Blackberry app.

The digital campaign complements Badoo's outdoor launch. 
Three digital shorts have been created which explore 
the diversity of people and personalities on Badoo. 
They will appear on Zoom, panel and taxi TV, 
as well as YouTube, Facebook, 
Yahoo and other assorted consumer digital media,
 from April 30 through June 10. 
Badoo gives people online and mobile tools 
that help them make new friends, 
and encourage them to meet up offline, 
for fun and new experiences.

 Badoo was a pioneer in helping people 
transform their social lives in this way
- a trend now called "social discovery"  -
and wanted to communicate its core benefits 
through the campaign and in 
its bridging of the offline and online elements.
"Badoo is a very social, fun experience, 
and we wanted to bring that to life through 
the outdoor and digital campaigns," 
said Jessica Powell, CMO at Badoo.

 "Even though we might be considered a 'tech' brand by some, 
we're really about bringing people together 
in a very human way, 
and we felt the best way to do that 
was to use real people,who are genuinely interested
 in making new connections."

"The 26 people we used in the outdoor treatments 
all have a ton of personality and individuality, 
yet they all reflect a universal human need, 
which is to bond with other people. 
That's what Badoo is all about."

So this is the YouTube film that 
announced the Registration to the very exciting 
Badoo Project when 1000 lucky people had their
portrait taken by one of four fabulous photographers. 
These 1000 portraits were voted on online and 
Twenty-six of the best portraits 
have now appeared on billboards 
and taxi-tops across NYC from April to May. 
Facebook “Likes” on the project’s website determined the winners.

This is how Multilingual social network Badoo is making a push into the U.S.
and a massive public photo shoot in New York City 
dubbed the Badoo Project fronted by Nick Cannon,
host of America’s Got Talent and chairman of TeenNick
“Your image online is the most important thing 
— it’s like a business card in a sense,” 

Cannon told Mashable at the event, 
where he wore Louis Vuitton and Gucci and 
encouraged participants to show their personality.

“Most people use Badoo for friendship,
 chatting, dating and making new contacts. 

I travel a lot for work and use sites like Badoo 

to find out about new clubs or bars
from people that might share my interest in music, 
or simply connect with my fans.”

Check the YouTube video above where
Steven Zangrillo for Cupid's Pulse caught up with Nick Cannon 
at the launch of the Badoo Project to discuss the new website, 
as well as his marriage plans with Mariah Carey.

“I’m all about The Badoo Project’s mission to update New Yorkers’ 
profiles, because the truth is, everyone needs a great online profile picture! 
My advice to New Yorkers is to take a photo that is true to you! 
At The Badoo Project, to look your best, 
simply be yourself in all your unique glory. 
Let the professionals do the rest,” explains Nick Cannon.
The London-based company, which first released its network 
in London in 2006 and has 140 million registered users 
in more than 180 countries, already has 6 million registered users in the U.S. 
Badoo claims 35 million monthly active users worldwide.
Badoo‘s chief marketing officer, Jessica Powell, 
stressed the importance of having a standout profile photo, 
which is especially important for Badoo users because the 
social network is about meeting new people and not mingling with existing friends.
At the event participants lined up to get their makeup and styling 
done before getting their portraits snapped by one of four fashion photographers
 — Kenneth Cappello, Dan Martensen, 
Brooke Nipar and Danielle Levitt 
— who have collectively worked with celebrities and brands 
such as Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and GQ and Vogue.
After the photo shoots, 
each participant got to pick his or her five favorite portraits. 
Badoo immediately uploaded them to each person’s Badoo profile.
“We’re not a normal tech company,” Badoo’s Powell said, 
“because our users are not early adopters,
but they’re still young, diverse and social. 
That’s why we chose New York to officially launch Badoo.”

check all the portraits on

Check out the Badoo microsite

And the finalists:


And here are a selection of the pictures:

The 26 Finalists includes 14 guys and 12 girls, ranging in age from 18 to 30.

• They hail from all corners of New York and New Jersey: 
Manhattan, The Bronx, Harlem, and everywhere inbetween.

• Their interests are pretty varied and include 
90′s Hip-Hop, getting into trouble (of course…), 
gypsy jazz shows, playing the ukulele, X-Men, 
Wu-Tang Clan, museum hopping, and of course fashion…

About Badoo is the world's largest 
Social Network for meeting new people. 
First launched in 2006, it is now one of the leading social networks 
in both Europe and South America, 
with more than 148 million registered users worldwide. 
The business is continuing to grow very fast with over 125,000 
new users signing up every day and 35+ million unique 
users enjoying the service every month.
Badoo has become one of the top 65 most visited websites 
in the world (Google Ad Planner data) by providing a fun, 
useful service that works. 
Badoo is available to use in 40 different languages 
in over 180 countries worldwide. 
Badoo is for people age 18 and up.
Users create their own profile including 
where they want to meet new people, 
individuals can then chat with one another and choose to meet. 
Additionally, users may pay to be introduced 
to a larger number of people for their profile 
to be given more prominence on the site for a limited time.

And the Best of the Rest:

Check the project’s website for all the 1000 portraits!!

These are Sparkle Style's favourites! Xx

Until next time J Xx

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