Saturday, 3 March 2012

Sparkle Style's Favourite Eggs from the Faberge Big Egg Hunt! Xx

Get Hunting to win the prize of 
the Fabulous Faberge Golden Egg

check my Post


Over 200 eggs – how many can you find? 
With hard work comes reward, 
and for one lucky winner this will be The Diamond Jubilee Egg 
valued at over £100,000! The grand prize is open to all. 
All you need to do is text.
 Each Big Egg Hunt egg has a unique keyword at its location. 
Simply text this word to 80001 to enter.
 Each egg is worth one entry, so the more eggs you find, 
the more chance you have of winning! 
Find a dozen or find them all – it depends on how hard you want to win!

So we've been to 
we've look at all of the incredible eggs designed by artists, 
architects, fashion designers, film directors etc in 
12 different areas of London
and chosen our favourites - take a look! Xx

And the best of Luck! ...

'Rock the Casbah' by Josh Stika

'Algorithm' by Wilkinson Eyre

'Union Jack' by Mark Shand

'Aurore' by Nicky Haslam

'Dichotomy' by Zaha Hadid

'Busby' by Rachel Waldron

'Love is Life' by DVF

'It is but is Isn't' by Andrew Sturgeon

'Kingdom Crossing' by Caio Locke

'Obsidian' by Maria Grachvogel

'Phoenix' by Milesh Mistry

'Seasonal Egg' by Milo Tchais

'Le Vie en Rose' by Janet Law

'Work no 2620' by Bompass and Parr

'The Bird's Promise' by Rob Ryan

'Anatomy of a Building' by Grimshaw

'Rose Violet' by Charbonnel et Walker

 This Egg was photographed by Nice Images Check this link on their Blog

'Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?' by Suzie Turner

'Perdita' by Bruce Oldfield 

'Teflon' by Mary Katrantzou

'On Egg' Shell Mechante of London and Zara Martin
for Caspian Arts Foundation

 'The Golden Egg' Nathalie Priem with Wooden Horse
 situated at the Ritz (see below)

'Hiranya Garbha the Golden Egg' by Shivani Mathur

'Golden Cosmic' by Andrew Logan

'Metropolis' by Rob and Nick Carter

'Love' by Louise Dear

Until next time  J Xx

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