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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on April Elle UK! Xx

Child-stars turned critically acclaimed designers, 
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
star on a special double cover edition 
of ELLE UK magazine this month
Photographed by Alexei Hay across 
ten pages for the April issue of ELLE UK
the designers show off the unique style 
that has seen them heralded as international style icons.

Fashion is by Anne-Marie Curtis
Hair by Mark Townsend for Dove Hair Care
Makeup Genevieve for Lancome
Manicure Jenny Valle for Lippmann Collection

Ashley Olsen in Dolce and Gabbana SS12
Anais Pouiliot in Ashley's Dress Dolce and Gabbana SS12 Show
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Mary-Kate Olsen in Prada SS12

Ruby Aldridge in the Cream Satin 
Jewelled Prada Coat SS12 that Mary-Kate wears on Elle's April Issue

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Opening at 6 Faubourg Saint Honore
24 hours Museum
Prada SS12 Campaign

In an exclusive interview with Avril Mair the designers talk openly 
about growing up in the media spotlight, not trusting outsiders, 
their unbreakable bond and their business success.

Here are some of the Interview Highlights:

On being mirror twins and their unbreakable bond:

Ashley: “We’re attracted to different things,
 but we arrive at the same place.
 I think we’re probably unaware of how intuitive 
it might seem from the outside. 
It’s basically one thought process shared between two people."

On not trusting others to run their businesses:

Ashley: “We are perfectionists. 
We’ve always wanted to be closely involved with everything, 
totally hands on - that’s why it works. If we step away, 
it stops working. I know it sounds controlling,
 but that’s how it has to be.”

 On being on the other side of the camera lens:

Ashley: “I don’t have to be a pretty face. 
I’ve done that, but now it’s important 
and liberating to be on the other side of the lens. 
I don’t like to be the centre of attention anymore.”

On celebrities starting fashion lines:

Mary-Kate: “Of course we knew about the 
trend of celebrities as designers, 
but we’d done that already when we were much younger. 
I don’t understand the new idea of designers as celebrities either. 
To me, the Phoebe Philo kind of modesty is the way to go. 
We love beautiful things. That’s the only driving impulse.”

On their plans to expand into retail:

Mary-Kate: “It’s about being creative, 
but having a bigger vision for that creativity. 
For a designer to be successful nowadays, 
they need to know much more than just design. 
[Tom Ford], his career is astonishing - 
the way he’s been able to do everything he 
has wanted to do and really not compromise at all. 
From fashion to film, it’s such a singular vision.”

Ashley wears crystal and gaberdine coat and 
cotton body both by Prada see below

Kate King in the Fabulous Green Satin
 Jewelled Prada Coat SS12

Mary-Kate wears silk jacket and sequinned silk tulle dress by
Roberto Cavalli see below
 Natasha Poly in the Roberto Cavalli Gold 
Sequin Tulle Dress SS12

Karmen Pedaru in the Gold Sequin Jacket
 from the Roberto Cavalli SS12 Show

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We are loving Elle UK April Issue! 
There is also an amazing Beauty Feature with Christina Hendricks
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Until next time  J Xx

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