Saturday, 3 March 2012

Le Collier Plume D'Or & the Faberge Big Egg Banquet


The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt – 
a London charity initiative in support of Elephant Family and Action for Children 
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– reaches its climax at a spectacular auction banquet 
to be held on Tuesday 20th March 2012 
at London’s historic Royal Courts of Justice. 

Alongside the top 30 designer eggs 
created by the art world’s most prominent names 
including Marc Quinn, Sir Peter Blake and Zaha Hadid, 
Sotheby’s will auction Fabergé’s ‘Le Collier Plume d’Or’ 
– a magnificent one of a kind emerald and gold pendant, 
created around a ravishing emerald cabochon of 127.76 carats.

Le Collier Plume d’Or, The Golden Feather Necklace, 
is a unique couture Egg pendants, 
created by Fabergé, the contemporary master jeweller, 
to re-imagine and pay homage to the 
artistry and ingenuity of the legendary, 
iconic jewelled Imperial Easter Eggs, 
the most famous of Fabergé’s works of art, 
and a vital part of the continuing legend. 

The dazzling centrepiece of this dramatic jewel,
 timelessly contemporary yet evocative of Romanov splendour,
 is a magnificent emerald cabochon of 127.76 carats, 
a rare gemstone of exceptional size, 
colour and quality, around which curl soft golden feathers, 
finely chased and set with rubies and diamonds. 
The opulent egg-shaped pendant hangs on a fine necklace 
set with moonstones, emeralds and rose diamonds. 

The design for Le Collier Plume D’Or was inspired by the rich, 
textured golden feathers of the hen hidden inside the Hen Egg, 
the very first of the Imperial Easter Eggs, 
made by Peter Carl Fabergé in 1885 for Tsar Alexander III 
to give as an Easter present to his wife, 
Tsarina Maria Fedorovna. Sublimely crafted in yellow gold, 
the egg was covered entirely in matt white enamel, 
to simulate a humble hen’s egg, 
opening to reveal a golden yoke, 
inside which were hidden surprises: 
the coloured gold hen containing a miniature diamond replica 
of the Imperial Crown, and inside that, 
a miniature ruby egg pendant. 
 It was the purity, smoothness and timeless simplicity of the Hen Egg, 
along with the refined textural details of the 
coloured gold feathers on the sculptural hen that inspired the 
Fabergé creative team, 
led by Creative Director Katharina Flohr, 
to create the sumptuous Collier Plume d’Or.

 Katharina Flohr Faberge Creative Director, 
Nicky Haslam with his 'Aurore' Egg (see below) and Sarah Faberge

The Hen Egg also provided inspiration to Nicky Haslam, 
for the huge resin egg filled with swirling feathers, 
designed for the Fabergé Big Egg Hunt, 
in aid of Elephant Family and Action for Children.

'Aurore' by Nicky Haslam

Le Collier Plume d’Or will 
be on view at Harrods Fine Jewellery Room from 
21st February to 2nd April and at the Fabergé London boutique, 
14A Grafton Street, Mayfair, from 2nd to 8th April.

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