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Faberge Campaign 'Le Jeunesse Doree" shot by Mario Testino

For Spring 2012, Faberge has collaborated 
with Mario Testino on a new black and white 
advertising campaign that aims to 
reinterpret Faberge for a new generation.

Here is the link to the behind 
the scenes film on YouTube
showing all the fabulous Faberge Jewellery
from the high jewellery range and
featuring the model Bee Gee see below

Russian-Lithuanian Model Bee Gee

The dream team behind both campaigns

Fabergé Creative and Managing Director, Katharina Flohr
world renowned photographer Mario Testino
fashion stylist Carine Roitfeld 

and make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury. 
The make up is absolutely fabulous.

Here are stills from the film for 'Jeunesse Doree'

High Jewellery Range Campaign with Bee Gee

The idea behind the campaign was to capture the 
spirit and personality of youth by shooting real young people 
interacting with their friends.  
Josh Faberge, a young Faberge descendant 
with his own unique sense of style, 
was chosen to model along with three of his contemporaries 
– Mélanie de Pouqueville, Nina Flohr and Sophia Flohr.

Katharina Flohr says:
‘We wanted to celebrate “la jeunesse doree” 
with this campaign and make Faberge relevant to a younger audience.  
Josh Faberge, whose mother Sarah Faberge
 heads up our Faberge Heritage Council, was an obvious starting point for us.  
We invited Josh and his friends to discover Faberge for themselves, 
engaging with the jewellery, 
mixing it up and layering the pendants however they like.  
The result is a compelling image that tells the story of a new generation 
reinterpreting Faberge for their contemporaries.”

The new black and white visuals will run in Spring issues of niche,
 trend-driven titles in key international markets.  
The campaign features Les Favorites de Faberge 
– a collection of Fine Jewellery egg pendants that 
introduces a more accessible price point for young Faberge devotees. 

The new generation campaign complements Faberge’s 
inaugural advertising campaign, also shot by Mario Testino, 
that broke in November 2011 promoting the company’s High Jewellery range.

The campaign features:

ZénaÏde Sapphire Egg Pendant Locket
One of a series of three exceptional Fabergé egg locket pendants, 
designed in the graphic style of traditional Uzbek textiles, 
and named for the Princess ZénaÏde Yusupov, 
a favourite of the Imperial family and the mother of Prince Felix, 
handsome, charming adventurer and heir to the Yusupov fortune.

Oeuf Cadeau Egg Pendant
A gift of a jeweled miniature egg pendant from the House of Fabergé 
was one of the most treasured objects of desire in turn of the century Russia, 
a prized present for Easter, birthdays or name days.
 This egg pendant in Les Favorites de Fabergé celebrates Fabergé’s art of giving: 
the perfect polished rose gold egg is tied 
with an exuberant ribbon of diamonds,
 of over 1 carat, and fastened with a bow.
Oeuf Matelassé Diamants Egg Pendant
The charm of the perfect egg form in miniature is encapsulated 
in this small quilted egg pendant from the Matelasse series in 
Les Favorites de Faberge, recalling the fashionable jewelled egg pendants 
of the House of Faberge. 
The soft, cushioned quilting in matt white gold 
is studded with white diamonds.

All available from the Faberge Boutique
14A Grafton Street, Mayfair

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