Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Dior Addict Extreme! Xx

Why deprive fashion and women of the prestige of colour?” 

“My dream is to make women happier and more beautiful.” 

Christian Dior

A visionary colourist, Christian Dior passionately 
believed in the power of dazzling colour.

Tyen, Artistic Director of Dior Makeup, 
has inherited Christian Dior's passion for colour. 
For Dior Addict Extreme, he has created a 
colour palette that is more surprising than ever – 

In 2011, Dior introduced Dior Addict, 
an original lipstick in a palette of 
44 irresistibly shiny shades.  
An iconic fashion accessory 

In 2012, the story continues…

12 incredibly shiny shades are 
even more impulsive than ever before
from daring pinks to nude-beiges,
 Dior Addict has gone Extreme.... 

Photo: David Sims

In the new Dior Addict Extreme campaign, 
the most liberated of icons – Kate Moss – 
shows off her extreme spirit and her innate sense of style. 

                                                 Dior Addict Extreme combines 
vibrant colour intensity with luminous shine. 
The lipstick has intense pigments for a dazzling, shining colour
and wet-effect texture.

The formula has an exclusive combination 
of 4 waxes which are
enriched with plumping hyaluronic acid spheres 
and delicate shine-boosting oils. 
At the same time the texture is lightweight with lasting hold.

Above from L to R Incognito, Lucky, Riviera and Plaza Shades

There are Four iconic shade ranges 
with Fabulous and Ultra Glamorous Names
Let the House of Dior Explain ...


“Incognito” it shade: a chic, discreet greige.

Incognito is a colour that guarantees timeless, feminine elegance. 
This minimalist, chic philosophy is distinctive to Parisian women, 
whose carefree allure is a real lesson in style: 
the epitome of effortless sophistication.
The paradox of simplicity... Christian Dior’s obsession. 
“The couturier had a sculptural and even architectural vision of clothing: 
A well-cut dress is a dress with few cuts. 
What you don’t see is just as important as what you do.” 
A perfect, pleated drape, a cinched waist 
and a few small details ensure the unique grace of a dress. 
Colour is one of the most important 
elements of this sophisticated and meticulous style.

“Lucky” the it shade, Kate’s shade: a bold, dazzling pink.
(I know last time I bought Kate's shade and am still loving it
Dior Addict in Kiss 578)

Lucky was one of Christian Dior’s favourite models.
 With her stately beauty, she was a true icon of 1950s 
fashion shows. 
Her good-luck name won over the couturier,
 who liked to stitch ‘lucky’ sprigs of Lily of the Valley, 
his favourite flower, in the hems of the pieces presented 
in his fashion shows. 

Above Lucky - one of Dior's Favourite Model

Whether it was destiny or chance; her presence, 
charisma and individuality made her a symbol 
of success and elegance. 
She left her mark on her era, turning her nickname 
into a well-loved household name, 
as is Kate Moss’s today. 
Lucky was a daring woman who never shied 
away from her bold choices.

“Riviera” it shade: an electric coral reminiscent of sunny stopovers.

Every year, Christian Dior took refuge 
in the calm Provencal countryside to renew his energy 
and give free rein to his imagination.
 He returned from his sunny stays with sketches 
for his next collections, his ‘little works of art,’ 
as the couturier liked to call them. 
Magical moments and unforgettable memories 
unite seaside serenity with the excitement of Saint Tropez nights. 
The Riviera is the symbol of Cruise elegance.
 Timeless escapades are filled with colours that spark emotions. 
A ray of sunlight, the blue of the sea, 
the splash of waves and the exuberance 
of the jet set crowd epitomize the spirit of the Riviera.

“Plaza” it shade: a mauve-pink infused with petal tones.

Symbolic of the legendary Plaza Athénee, 
Dior Addict Extreme introduces an eponymous shade that echoes 
the glamour distinctive to Parisian luxury palaces. 
The elegant women of this world all visit the 
House of Dior on 30, Avenue Montaigne. 
Christian Dior notably selected this now-legendary address 
because of its proximity to the Plaza, 
its discreet, refined atmosphere and exquisite elegance, 
which the stars adored, reflected his own taste. 
Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich… 
They all chose Dior and the Plaza. 
The Plaza is a favourite location in which elegance 
and sophistication come together in extreme luxury.

Dior Addict Extreme in 12 shades.  £24.00

Incognito 316               Chérie Bow 356             Silhouette 339
Lucky 536                     Avenue 667                   Paparazzi 866
Riviera 639                   Fireworks 756                Belissima 789
Plaza 476                      Sunset Blvd 829             Black-Tie 987

Dior Vernis in Dior Addict Extreme shades £18.00
Incognito 257
Lucky 537
Riviera 579
Plaza 659

Until Next time  J Xx

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