Monday, 5 March 2012

Christian Louboutin 20Ans Capsule Collection @ Selfridges! Xx

Katy Perry was wearing the Christian Louboutin Pilule Bag
with her SS12 Blue Viktor and Rolf Coat in Paris
at the Weekend
Check my Post on Viktor and Rolf Flower Bomb and SS12 Show

The Pilule Bag is part of the special Capsule Collection -
20 unforgettable iconic shoes, and 6 bags chosen by Christian Louboutin 
created to mark the brand’s 20th Anniversary.

The Collection brings together all the central themes 
that have come to define his craft.
His love for art, architecture, fine arts and design, 
his lifelong fascination with the world of showgirls and cabaret,
  his passion for exotic destinations and a deep admiration 
for craftsmanship are all values deeply rooted in his work.  

Along with six one of a kind bags, this special collection 
is showing now at Selfridges until April

“In France, twenty years defines a generation. 
This is a celebration of the first generation of this brand; 
an anniversary of its first young adventure.” 

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Here are the Windows at Selfridges
They have an Exhibition 'The World of Louboutin'
right now until Sunday 1st April
where of course you can buy his shoes and bags

Pensee is revered by its maker Christian Louboutin as 
“the shoe that inspired the red sole”. 

Above: Unzip

“Being born and raised in Paris, 
I have a precise idea of couture and of Parisian elegance.” 

The Artemis Paris is a bag conjured in the atelier 
exclusively for the Capsule Collection.
Its dramatic shoulder piece is a crystal covered landscape 
adorned with the city’s supreme land- marks
 realized through the Louboutin spectrum, 
it is the city of Paris according to Christian Louboutin. 
Hand crafted with elements gathered from all over the world, 
this unique piece is a celebration of the artistry 
and imagination of the inimitable Louboutin aesthetic.

Above: Artemis Paris

Seduced by the glamorous world of cabaret as a teenager, 
Louboutin’s earliest designs were intended for the feet of the 
graceful dancers gliding on the stages of Paris. 
He sees the showgirl as an ultra- feminine representation of beauty 
and exoticism and often compares her to a bird of paradise. 
This vivid and fantastical imagery finds life in La Pluminette, 

Above: La Pluminette
an ethereal shoe embellished with a flurry of feathers giving its wearer 
an illusion of weightlessness and agility. 
The admiration and enthusiasm for the dancer 
and the art of performance have continued to be a 
rich source of inspiration for Louboutin. 

From the famous legs and the soaring energy of Tina Turner, 
to the glamour and seduction of Dita von Teese’s performances, 
a Louboutin creation has a natural presence on stage.

another ingenious piece of this special collection, 
is that energy and glamour captured, 
translated and realized through language of shoe making. 
An ode to this extraordinary performer, 
these sky high suede boots are electrifying as the layers 
of fringe playfully move with each step.

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