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Ozwald Boateng 'A Man's Story' A film by Varon Bonicos! Xx

On Menswear Day on Wednesday we went to Soho House
to see the screening of 'A Man's Story' - a Film about
the Fabulous Ozwald Boateng by Varon Bonicos.
Varon has been following Ozwald in every area of his life

Me and Ozwald Boateng 

for the last 12 years and this film is the result.  
It is a very honest account of the 
life of the man that is Ozwald Boateng
And it makes gripping viewing. 

Me and Varon Bonicos

So honest in fact that when Ozwald saw the film for the first time
he found it difficult viewing.  He said at the Q & A at our screening
he could only bear to watch the first five minutes 
and the last five minutes,
then watch the whole film much later.

While showing the glamour and
beauty of the business and following him literally around the world
it tackles his personal life and begins 
in 1998 when he is coming to terms with his first divorce 
from beautiful French model Pascale
meeting and falling in love with the 
incredible Russian model Gyunel and following
the course of that relationship.

The film features Prince Charles, Giorgio Armani, Will Smith, 
Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Jamie Foxx, Paul Bettany, 
Forrest Whittaker, Spike Lee, Richard Branson, Brian McKnight, 
Don Cheadle, Ryan Seacrest, Ray Winstone and Gavin Rossdale.
It shows his time in the house of Givenchy, Paris
 and those incredible shows for them.
We see his reality TV show in LA 'House of Boateng' -
 'High Fashion, Higher Drama'
and Ozwald being awarded the OBE for services to Clothing industry 
by Her Majesty the Queen

Boateng stages a fashion show during the Africa Summit in Ghana
supported by Herbie Hancock, Jesse Jackson and Jamie Foxx
to raise awareness of the links between Africa and America.
Here there is amazing footage of Gaddafi.

Check the imdb link for more info

Here is a link to the trailer to the movie which is released on 9 March

check the Facebook Page for news of other screenings

and for important news on a Competition at London College of Fashion

This clip shows Paul Bettany, Gabriel Byrne, Will Smith, Richard Branson,
 Forest Whittaker and Prince Charles
loving Boateng suits.
Ozwald talks about being 'born in London and having an 
English understanding of what that is - 
you know you are African so you know where your roots are.' 
 Even amongst all the racial tensions while he was growing up he 
took the decision that while being black
was difficult, he would park colour as an issue and get on with it.

Ozwald was asked at the Q & A session after the screening at Soho House
what surprised him most About his first trip to Ghana.
I t was in 1989 and he stayed in the Novotel.  He said it was how the 
Market women were dressed in their traditional cloth. 
He could see that the Fabrics - the cloth and the colour  - all of it had
been how he had intuitively beencombining colour and fabrics all along.

Giorgio Armani

You can see Giorgio Armani - Ozwald Boateng's inspiration since he 
was 16 and started to design
compliment Ozwald on his elegance that 'comes from within'.  
Ozwald Boateng - 'the King of Savile Row', 
moved there when he was just 28 years old 
and is a master of classic english tailoring mixed with an intuitive 
use of African Colour which makes him truly unique.  
He also uses a huge range of different
textures in fabrics - silks, wools, cashmeres etc which makes 
what Paul Bettany says completely true -
'Frankly if you're not wearing Ozwald Boateng - you're not dressed properly' 
and Will Smith 'When I want to be sexy, I go see my man an he'll hook it up'

check the
Ozwald Boateng AW12 Presentation

We are loving 'A Man's Story'

Until next time  J Xx

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  1. Outstanding story and what an inspiration! Thanks for posting this.