Sunday, 5 February 2012

Liz Martins Lashes! Xx

above: dress versace for H and M

make up Chanel Harmonie de Printemps 2012, lashes Liz Martins Elevation
hair cinta miller 
 necklace lovenote Links of London,
earrings Swarvoski, watch Tag Heuer, Bracelet Pandora
photographer  cinta miller

So I am loving Liz Martins Eyelashes ! Xx

As Liz Martins herself says: 
'Lashes are perfect for adding definition and a bit of drama to a party eye 
and they are easier to apply than most people think. 
Here are a few of my key pointers when it comes to applying lashes. 
Firstly measure the lashes against your eye and trim with scissors if need be.
 I like to manipulate the lash band a bit to break the bind (just gently bend it) 
– this will make them easier to line up to the eye. 
The lashes in my Lash Enhance Collection have a superfine band 
which makes for easy application. 
Apply glue all along the lash band and allow to go tacky for 40 seconds or so; 
this is very important as if the glue is too wet the lashes 
will slide about when you try to apply. 
Place the lash as close as you can to the lash line, 
I find when applying lashes on yourself,
 it is easier to do when looking down using a mirror placed on a table in front of you. 
Use a cotton bud to push lashes into position. 
Finish off with black eyeliner for a seamless finish and don’t 
overload on the mascara as this will make lashes look clumpy.'

For further tips and a step-by-step guide see her video tutorials on YouTube
here is one on her great lashes Elevation

below - Liz Martins Design Lashes
Here is the gorgeous Nina - the Stylist at Nice Studios 
applying the Liz Martins Lashes from the Design Pack above right
for Emma - Nina always recommends a lot of glue and to wait until
it goes tacky before applying.

As you can see here she uses a pencil to apply carefully
and precisely into the corners to make sure the ends are 
properly in position - Liz Martins above uses a cotton bud!

lashes from Liz Martins Design Pack 

The beautiful Emma with her Liz Martins Lashes! 

You can buy Liz Martins Lashes on

and from ASOS

Until next time  J Xx

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