Sunday, 26 February 2012

Las Vegas de CHANEL Collection! Xx

A Totally remodelled Chanel Boutique is to open 
In the Gallery of the Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas
this November 

Peter Philips, Creative Director of CHANEL Makeup, 
has created this collection which is exclusive to
Harrods and Selfridges.
Las Vegas de Chanel can add that touch of glamour 
to any look
we LOVE it! Xx

Above: the Las Vegas de CHANEL Collection at Harrods

As Usual Malory at the Harrods Chanel Counter did my 
makeover using the
Chanel Las Vegas Collection.  
She used Foundation Lumiere in 30 
and all the colours
from the stripes in the lucky stripes palette.
Using the darkest bronze in the eye socket, the gold on the lid, 
and the orangey gold just above the socket.  
The white shimmer is used on the brow bone.
Mallory used eyeliner in cocoa and liquid eyeliner in Brown.
Lipstick is from the Harmonie de Printemps collection 
Rouge Coco in Paradis £23

- which is just a gorgeous orangey coral  
- with a little of le Crayon Levres Vegas gold mixed in.
Blusher is Blush Horizon de Chanel
again from Harmonie de Printemps Collection

Check my Post
check all the shades on Chanel's website

She also used some Soleil Tan de Chanel £31 (see below)
to highlight my cheekbones which
goes really well with the Las Vegas look and gives a
rich glow - it also feels really gorgeous when being applied.

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My nails btw are in May 535 from Harmonie de Printemps Collection

The Exclusive Creation of the collection concentrates 
the entire spirit of Las Vegas in its traditional square case. 
Lined up in rows, four shades of sand and bronze sweep 
through every variation of a fabulous desert in which gold 
embraces the sun and shines. 
On the surface of the colours, an embossed star design 
seems to extend a warm welcome to the city of dreams. 
For an illuminating makeover, 
a beveled brush is ideal for choosing and blending shades, 
sweeping lightly over the cheekbones, face or eyelids.

The extremely melt-away texture and playful spirit of the 
most mischievous CHANEL lipstick get into the game with a total golden look. 

It accentuates the centre of the upper lip with a golden line. 
A makeup tip that adds a touch of light and emphasises 
the fullness of a sparkling smile.

A semi-sheer golden lacquer glides over nails like a talisman for a Midas touch.


Below are the 5 exclusive Las Vegas Chanel Bags
We are loving the pale gold one with the dice!
Please ... Xx

Prices range from $4000 - $13,000

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Las Vegas and the Numeros Prives Party

btw Alexa Chung was flown over by Private Jet to the party
take a look at this blog - I like it! X

Until next time  J Xx

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