Friday, 10 February 2012

I found my Love in Portofino! Cruise Collection film by Ellen von Unwerth! Xx

So this is Jac in the pictures by Ellen von Unwerth taken
in Portofino for the Dior Cruise Collecition 2012.

Check the film below - it is gorgeous!
Gets us in the mood for Valentine's

We are loving the Dior Cruise Collection
and Jac's nailvarnish which is from the 
Spring Make up Collection Garden Party
Dior Vernis (Limited Edition) in 504 Waterlilly 
which actually smells of Roses

from Selfridges £18

check my post 

We just really WANT and DESPARATELY NEED these shoes! Xx

This is my most favourite Dress - the shoes are to die for! Xx
My dressing table at home is almost exactly like this.

Check the Waterlilly Nailvarnish again 

 Check this incredible film by Ellen von Unwerth
'I found my Love in Portofino'
featuring the Dior 2012 Cruise Collection

It is a long film - the team had major fun shooting this! Xx

Below are the storyboards for the film 
and the clothes it covers.  
I am loving the Dior Boutique, Neutral Story - loving the lace dress,
Cafe Society, Miss Dior Bag and Nautical.

 This collection is all Majorly cool for a Valentine's Trip

You can buy it in the main Dior Stores Sloane Street, New Bond Street
and Harrods and Selfridges

I love Portofino
was there last Summer
the Dior Store there is Gorgeous
Book yourself a trip there this year
and shop in Dior!

The Dior Shop is in the yellow arch on the right! Xx

Me and my good friend Luca Salomone outside 
the Dior Shop in Portofino

The Taverna del Marinaio Portofino

Me and my beautiful friend Roberta Galluccio Richardson
who is from Genoa down the road!
Her mate from school own Taverna del Marinaio.

 The Taverna del Marinaro serves the freshest fish
this is with the best Italian Olive Oil, capers, oregano and olives ...

Portofino at night is very Romantic

Il Pitosforo is a famous Club in Portofino

Stay at the Hotel Splendido - it has incredible views!

Until next time  J Xx

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  1. Love this piece and thanks for including me! Xx