Monday, 27 February 2012

Faberge for Mothers Day! Xx


Fabergé, legendary master jeweller, 
presents jewels to cherish for Mother’s Day.

 With its rich heritage inextricably linked 
with some of the world’s greatest family dynasties
 and their treasured heirlooms, Fabergé perfects the art of giving.
For Mother’s Day, Fabergé offers a collection of timeless 
keepsakes to pass down from generation to generation.
With spring in mind, Fabergé offers Les Favorites de Fabergé, 
a collection of precious fine jewellery egg 
pendants in an array of soft sorbet and pastel colours.

The Oeuf Nina expresses vibrant feminine charm, 
a perfect keepsake for Mother’s day.
 This pendant is offered in coral pink and bottle 
green with either white or yellow gold immaculately 
enamelled over guilloché engraving, 
and ornamented with a delicate floral motif traced in white diamonds.
The Oeuf Duchess Impératrice also offers an array of 
intense colour in emerald green, 

regal blue and crimson pink set in white or rose gold with diamonds. 
The egg design interprets the playful rococo style,
 a favourite influence and inspiration to Peter Carl Fabergé.

The Oeuf Spirale involves a series of contemporary linear egg pendants. 
They represent the beauty of nature. The Spirale is available in a soft rose gold with diamonds, or white gold with diamonds.

Fabergé also offers fine egg pendants with endearing 
messages for your loved one such as “I love you”.
Fabergé offers an extensive array of Fine and 
High Jewellery that promises memorable keepsakes to treasure forever.

We love Faberge! 

J Xx

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