Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Voice coming to your Screens soon - BBC1! Xx

So tonite, me and Cinta went to a studio recording of the Voice 
- a new kind of talent show

 In the USA, the show became a huge hit on NBC, 
with Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine as its coaches. 
It captured a peak audience of 14.4 million, attracting critical acclaim for the NBC network and a huge buzz across the music industry. 
And now, The Voice UK is now set to become 
the BBC's new entertainment phenomenon of 2012.

 It is presented by the gorgeous Holly Willoughby 
and the incredible Reggie Yates (I adore Reggie Yates)
check my post on Justin Bieber switching the Xmas Westfield lights on 
when he presented the whole event.

 Holly Willoughby and Reggie Yates - Presenters of the Voice

The Coaches are:

the drop dead gorgeous danny o donoghue of the script

 the legendary sir tom jones

the fabulous jessie j 

and the amazing will i am

the Voice is very different from the X factor - 
it's based on the raw talent of the voice of the artists simply and purely.
So much so that the coaches sit with their backs to the contestants
so they can truly concentrate
only on their VOICE - not on what they look like, 
how they present themselves or perform.
Then if they like what they hear during the 90 seconds, they press 
the button in front of them
and their chair automatically swings round showing their interest to join their 'TEAM'

If two or more coaches press their buttons and swing round to face the artist
while they are singing,
then those coaches have to battle for that artist to join their 'TEAM'.
Each coach can only have 10 people in their team so they must be careful not to
use all their choices at once and balance their team to have 
the best chance of having
the artist that wins the whole show.
This round goes on for 4 days.

The coaches are very positive and comment on the performance in a musical
masterclass kind of way which really promotes the music
side of the business - this is going to be an interesting show.

We were really lucky and got to see danny, tom, will i am and Jessie
perform the black eyed peas i gotta feeling 

Watch this space  - it's going to be on our screens around March 


Sparklestyle is LOVING the Voice!

Until next time!  J Xx

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