Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Karl by Karl Lagerfeld exclusively @ Net a Porter! Xx

‘KARL’, a modern and accessible line from the house of KARL LAGERFELD
will Launch on January 25 2012 -
just after he shows his Haute Couture.

 NET-A-PORTER will be offering over 70 different pieces
from the collection including biker jackets, classic pants, sweatshirts, skirts, shirts, dresses
and T-shirts, all channeling Lagerfeld's distinct aesthetic. 
Prices will range from £50 to £390.
For 4 weeks NET-A-PORTER will be the exclusive global retailer, 
and from then on the exclusive online retailer.

see my post on Chanel Paris-Bombay
and his discussions with le web in Paris
at the beginning of December

Karl Lagerleld talking to Le Web
saying he was going to 
'make history in fashion and technology' 

Natalie Massenet and Karl Lagerfeld talking at Le Web in Paris 
about technology and Fashion

Above the Legendary Natalie Massenet Net-a-Porter's Founder and Executive Chairman

Natalie Massenet, NET-A-PORTER's Founder and Executive Chairman says: 
“We are thrilled and proud to be the exclusive partner for the launch of ‘KARL’. 
From the moment we saw the collection we were hooked and 
we can’t wait to introduce this to
a global fashion consumer for whom Karl Lagerfeld is an icon in his own right. 
The collection will speak to every woman who wants a bit of 
the inimitable fabulous street chic that Karl Lagerfeld is known for. 
And given Karl’s fascination with all things modern,
this will be a 21st Century launch – globally available, in-season for instant gratification
and harnessing the power of the digital media and social commerce. It’s truly an honor
for us to collaborate with Karl and his team.”

Pier Paolo Righi, President of KARL LAGERFELD says (above right with Karl):
“To work with Natalie and her team is a natural fit – 
NET-A-PORTER is not only the number one digital fashion platform, 
but also the internal team is equally as passionate and dedicated about activating this brand, as we are.”

Karl Lagerfeld says: “We are working on a lot of amazing ideas which are all about
making luxury affordable and accessible. 
I’m very excited about bringing this vision to life
with this brand"

above: Karl Lagerfeld and his favourite black leather fingerless gloves
they can now be yours for £50 at
from 25 January so get ready

see below for some of the divine collection

Sequinned biker dress £350
printed faux leather collar £85

Two-tone leather bike vest £195
wrap-effect metallic top £145
printed faux leather collar £85
trousers £225
gloves £50

cotton terry and PVC sweater £115 metallic leather colar £125 
faux leather pleated skirt £135

metallic flecked twill jacket £340 
skinny high rise printed jeans £195 
collar as before 

all available at
from 25 January

my other favourites from this collection are a silver dress and jeans
sequinned collar
 and the leather jackets
get yourself a copy of Grazia today to see the full collection

Until next time  J Xx

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