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Jimmy Choo SS12 and the Rizzoli Book Xx

The JIMMY CHOO  Spring Summer 2012 Advertising
 photographed by Terry Richardson in the grounds of a continental country estate. 

It is inspired by
Inspired by the Mediterranean glamour of seventies cinematic icons, 
 The models are Magdalena Fracowiaka and Jamie Bochert 

This is JUSTINE, a new sportswear inspired handbag with slouch appeal 
in tan unstructured calf, 
the shoe is LETITIA 
a double-buckle opanca platform sandal in coral, on a 145 mm heel.

Handbags at Dawn: see JUSTINE, in light khaki with a contrasting block of yellow python, in centre stage in the crux of a heated tug-o-war between the heroines.

 MYRA a 145mm pin heel in leopard print, with CAILIN a wicked clutch combining a patchwork of crocodile, 
python and elaphe attached by chain to a wrist cuff.

IRIS sandal in leather macramé with CAYLA clutch in acid yellow, 
matt and shiny crocodile.

Agency: AR New York Photographer: Terry Richardson 
Models: Magdalena Fracowiaka and Jamie Bochert 
Stylist: Charlotte Pilcher


Jimmy Choo - the Book

I can remember when I was Fashion Editor on Marie Claire going to the converted hospital in Hackney to see Jimmy Choo himself and seeing his new incredible designs.  
He was an amazingly creative man and would always make 
something especially for a shoot.  
That was when Lady Diana - Princess of Wales discovered him. 

Tamara Yeardye as she then was, another beautiful and stylish woman - 
 was also great business entrepreneur like her father - for she bought the company from Jimmy and has made it into the mega stella name it now is.  

 The whole story of the business is indeed a fairytale as
the intro to the book explains - 

'shoes have a magical, almost mythical hold on our imaginations. For centuries,  fairy tales have been spun around them; they have been talismans of good  luck — even today, shoes play a symbolic part in wedding ceremonies across 
europe: the story of cinderella and her dramatic change of fortunes centres  on a slipper. From Puss in Boots to the power of seven-league boots, footwear  has more historic references in songs and tales than any other item of dress.'

This book by Rizzoli is stunning and divided into eight sections 
covering Celebrity ICONS Exotic Skins Snakeskin Zebra and Leopard, Graffiti and Pop art, technical innovation, RED CARPET GLAMOUR and Tamara Mellon's Charity work.  

The first part of the book has fabulous portraits of the Celebrity ICONS
Sarah Jessica Parker and how she 'lost her Choo' in Sex in the City, 
 Rosamund Pike, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Nicole Ritchie.

The book shows how women leaders find wearing heels
gives them power and confidence
through the 
authority of their femininity 

There are many Helmut Newton-esque images of women who obviously 
stand no nonsense while looking absolutely
sensational - hurrah! Xx

The Red Carpet Glamour section has pictures of the greats 
looking absolutely gorgeous in their Jimmy Choos 
- Hilary Swank, Kiera Knightley, Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock, Leighton Meester, Sienna Miller, Zoe Saldana, Taylor Swift, Helen Mirren, Diane Kruger, Uma Thurman, 
Rhianna and Jennifer Aniston.

Taylor Swift in her Jimmy Choos

There is also couple of incredibly sexy pictures of 
two of our favourite models Kate Moss and Elle Macpherson 
in practically nothing but their Choos

The book ends up with Tamara Mellon's work with Elton John
as he himself says -
'Tamara Mellon is the rare philantropist who
commits herself heart and soul to a project.
She has proven to be a stalwart ally
to the Elton John AIDs Foundation.'

tamara Mellon, OBe with her daughter Minty 
for the launch of the project pep collection in New York, 2009

 Jimmy Choo launched a limited edition collection 
of shoes and bags in a signature punk print, and sold this capsule collection as Project PeP, again supporting the elton John AIDs Foundation.   Twenty-five percent of net sales from this collection were donated to the   Simelela Rape centre to fund the administering of HIV preventative PeP medication. Between these initiatives, 
more than $3.5 million has been  
raised by Jimmy choo to support women in Africa affected by HIV.
In 2011, the company launched the Jimmy choo Foundation, a charitable initiative to support the ideals of the founder who is dedicated to “empowering women and allowing them to live their fullest life possible”.  

Jimmy Choo XV
in all good Bookshops

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Until next time

J Xx

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