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Felicity Jones and Dolce & Gabbana's Khol Collection Make-up Xx

So the big news is that Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce 
have chosen
the beautiful Felicity Jones to be the new face of Dolce and Gabbana Make up
for their launch of the Khol Collection

she also stars in the
Advertising Campaign
coming to our screens soon. 

Sam Faulkner/Dolce and Gabbana

and in the Sunday Times today you can see some fabulous pictures
shot by Ellen von Unwerth of Felicity wearing Dolce and Gabbana 
Khol Collection and SS12
so get yourself a copy!

Ellen von Unwerth
(all pictures for promotional use only and not intended to infringe copyright)

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and read the article an interview with Felicity by Chrissy Iley

 In the Sunday Times interview Chrissy likens her to a 
modern Audrey Hepburn with the 'same small frame, big courage, style and poise. 
Felicity says 'I love that she brought wit to everything she did'

She also says that she adores Dolce and Gabbana's 
theatrical emphasis on fashion and their love of cinema.
Indeed their inspiration has been Italian cinema especially 'Scandal in Sorrento' 
starring Sophia Loren Directed by Dino Risi in 1955

Felicity Jones is 
 soon to appear in
Like Crazy out on February 2
see trailer below

A British college student (Felicity Jones) falls for an 
American student (Anton Yelchin), only to be separated from him 
when she's banned from the U.S. after overstaying her visa.

The movie won best film and she won best actress at last year’s Sundance Film Festival.  
Like Crazy was  shot on a very small budget in just 22 days. 
At the Toronto International Film Festival (2011), the director Drake Doremus 
said that much of the movie was improvised. 
The script outlined what would happen, but Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin 
improvised much of their dialogue.

Felicity also starred in Chalet Girl which was hilarious
see the trailer below

and of course Cemetery Junction by Ricky Gervais

There's an old Arab Proverb "Throw your heart out in front of you,
and run ahead to catch it ..."
We love that proverb ... 

Dolce and Gabbana LOVE Felicity -
They think the Oxbridge educated is an 'aristocratic sauvage girl'.

'She is naturally provocative' says Domenico Dolce. 
'There's something assured and challenging about her gaze 
which makes you realise that she doesn't care what anyone thinks'.

'She's got that high society girl attitude' Adds Stefano. 
'You can see it n the way she holds her head, the way she looks at you. 
It's all in the eyes."

"There's something very luscious and young about her face," says Pat McGrath, 
Dolce and Gabbana creative advisor, who created the look for the Khol Collection.
 "Using the Khol pencils to define Felicity's eyes really brought out this beautiful confidence in her expression. She looks at you with such knowing assurance.'

'I love how make-up can change the way you look and feel' says Felicity.
 'As an actress, I consider it part of my professional tool kit - 
I definitely use make-up to help me get into a role. 
And in real life, I love its ability to transform me for special occasions.  
Representing Dolce and Gabbana's Khol Collection was a real thrill. 
Getting to work with such talented photographers as Mert and Mercus, 
getting to wear such beautiful clothes, 
having my make-up and hair done to perfection - 
it doesn't get much better."

Dolce and Gabbanna wanted a Youthful Spirit, and irreverence
and an attitude of aristocratic wildness in the
Khol Collection  - Felicity Jones is perfect for this

Khol Collection is bold eyes and nails - intensity and drama a 
strong mix of confidence and beauty.

It consists of five new soft tipped pigment rich intense Khol eye crayons. 

An Eye Quad Femme Fatale with ultimate neutrals - taupe loam brown, 
toning depth depth and drama with carbon black 
and shimmering white for highlighting.

and five Nail Lacquers to match the Khol pencils

Eye Quad Femme Fatale £36.50

above clockwise: highlighting shimmering white, carbon black
 violet tinged taupe, loam brown

Above  Intense Khol Pencil in Peacock, Chocolate, Dahlia & True White

also in True Black £16.50 each

Intense Nail Colour in Dahlia £17

Wild Green £17

True White, Peacock & Chocolate £17 each


True White

Wild Green


Above True White, Peacock and Chocolate intense Nail Colour and Khol Pencil

SparkleStyle are loving Dolce and Gabbana Khol Collection
available exclusively at Harrods

Before we go have a look at
two tutorials from the fabulous Pat McGrath
for the divine Passion Duo Lipsticks
and Creamy Foundation
both of which can be worn with
Khol Collection



Until next time


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