Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Dolce & Gabbana Charm Pencils! Xx

"We love to have fun" says Domenico  
'We are happy and we want everyone to join in the fun" adds Stefano. 
Now this playfulness has inspired a limited edition collection of Charm Pencils: 
four Lipliners and four Eyeliners decorated at one end 
with golden charms that dangle from the end which
represent all of our favourite things - 
love, luck, feminity, fashion and romance.

Above the four Charm Lipliner Pencils 
in Fire, Dahlia, Nude and Soft £18.50 each
Exclusively at Harrods

Above the four Charm  eyeliner Pencils 
in Platinum, Coffee, Stromboli and Black £18.50

You can buy them in the matching Perfect Pairs below
or collect them all ..

Representing love and luck - 
the Lipliner in Fire and the Eyeliner in Platinum
have a heart and a golden horn.

Representing fashion and feminity -
the Lipliner in Dahlia - a dark plum shade, and the Eyeliner in Coffee
has a fabulous golden high heel charm. 

Be in Love - 
the Stomboli Eyeliner - obsidian coloured, and the Nude Lipliner

have a golden love letter 
and another envelope from Milan 
- the home and heart of Dolce and Gabbana Fashion. 

Be Dolce and Gabbana -
the Eyeliner in Black and the Lipliner in Soft - a pinky beige
 have a heart charm and an 'I love you' token 

We say these will make the most perfect VALENTINE
presents - bravo Dolce and Gabbana
We love you! Xx

Until next time  J Xx

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