Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Candy Face - YSL Spring 12 Make up! Xx

Spring 2012 by Yves Saint Laurent

Here is a great collection of make up for the
bright doll face look that we need this summer.
We are loving this! Xx


Ombres 5 Lumières n°13 eye shadow £39.50

Voile de Blush n°1 £28
Volupté Sheer Candy n°9 lipstick £23.50

Manucure Couture n°8 nail color £28.00

The expert’s secret: “Place a dot of lilac eye pencil at the inner corner of the eyes and blend outwards to create a wide-eyed look.”

'Sparkling sugar eyes, delicious cheeks and a gleaming smile.'
' Pomegranate red, cotton-candy pink peach or apricot blush for her cheeks, smoky pink and crystallized violet for her eyes, sorbet lips aglow with glazed fruit, and hard candy drops of lemon, mint or peppermint, cocoa polish on her nails.  
Shocking cherry, tangerine, grape and pomegranate, crystallized rose petals, mint and chocolate.
    Lloyd Simmonds
Creative Director Yves Saint Laurent Make-up

The VINYL CANDY PALETTE has a raspberry resin lid 
stamped with the signature gold logo.

It has 2 pearly eye shadows: luminous raspberry and lilac
and 2 satiny eye shadows: blackcurrant and rose petals  £ 39.00

VOLUPTE SHEER CANDY with pomegranate extract
above comes in 4 colours

 No7 Sweet Fig
    No8 Iced Plum
     No9 Cool Guava
    No10 Tangy Mandarine   
£23.50  each

Enjoy ...

Until next time  J Xx

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